Blog Race!

Okay…so now things get interesting.  We’re going to write a blog post.  As much as we can as fast we can…and we’re going to race me.  We’ll see who can write more words one of you or me.   If you win, I’ll get you Kanye West’s phone number so you can prank call him (as long as you say your name is “Rich”).

Here’s the prompt:

You have been proclaimed King/Queen/Emperor/Empress/Grand Whatever of the Earth.  You sit upon your throne.   Everyone around you is waiting for you to issue your first order.

You begin to say, “My first act as King/Queen/Empreror/Empress/Grand Whatever of the Earth is to—”

and then?  What’s next.  You’ve got fifteen minutes.  Go!


34 thoughts on “Blog Race!

  1. My first act as a king is to start sending people to building a wall around the kingdom and town. then i will start to send my soldier to protect the kingdom and then i will grant every ones wishes by giving them 1/2 of gold to each family in the town.


  2. If i was king of the earth, i would solve world hunger because everytime i see ads online people are helping to solve world hunger. Now i as king of the earth, i will literally help all the children, pets and people around the world to giving people food so that no one will ever starve to death ever again.


  3. My first act as Queen is to allow food t0 be free for everyone! So no one will be suffering hunger. A trip to Disney world should be free. So every child will be a happy camper. I would buy the Nutella factory and just eat as much of it as I can.


  4. my first order as king of earth is to protect the earth meaning all living things , and looking for the future of the earth .and making sure that all living things are living well.


  5. My first act as king is to order all the wars to stop in the world and for these idiots to stop killing families and chopping peoples heads off in front of there families. I would order for anyone who doesn’t abide by the order be thrown down a hole dug out in a secluded area and thrown down that hole and let them kill each other off while recording it for the people to watch. Give them a little taste of there own medicine


  6. my first act would be to open all borders to countries for anyone to come freely. Everyone must own a firearm. third act is that there should be no written road test I feel you should be judged as you drive. fourth we should create jurassic world. fifth there should be racism. sixth no stealing. seventh we are brining back the code of Hammurabi. eight no death penalty. ninth would be you can only eat things you kill yourself.


  7. My first order as the king of the world would to be able to bring back the eye for an eye law.

    If you are willing to hurt another human being or rob someone or deface property you should

    have the same done to you. If this law was brought back it would make offenders think twice

    about the crimes they were about to make. Obviously there are exceptions such as mental

    deficiencies or car accidents happening and other forms of accidental maiming. With this law

    in place I am confident overall crime rates would go down with the criminals knowing that

    they would be harmed in the same way they are harming society. It would also decrease the

    workload on police men in the cities with crime rate going downward because of the people

    not wanting to commit a crime they know would harm their lives. it would also make court

    cases much easier because they would already know the punishment in place because they

    would know the crime that the person committed.


  8. My first act as kind would be to make some much needed laws. I would make it so men and women are equal and no race is discriminated against. . Next I would outlaw all large scale war. Anyone who is found disobeying any of the new laws will be held in a court of law where I am the judge juror and executioner. I would then go about restoring environments back to how they first where before man disturbed them. I would unite all humans in an attempt to find immortality. All schools would be free, as I will have done away with the money systems that man is so reliant on. Instead it will be replaced with a system of trade. All that are poor will be moved into my palace and be allowed to stay as long as they do some menial tasks and behave themselves. The people in my palace are free to leave anytime they like. While I am in power I will rule with an iron fist and peace will come over the entire world. If anybody doesn’t like it they will be able to voice their opinions, in fact anyone who has a complaint will be able to voice
    their concern to me so that my rule will be better.


  9. My first act as Queen is to try to have my people do things the right way in life so that they could have a wonderful and happy life.
    I would have parent classes to whomever is a parent will become a parent and plans to be a parent so they can raise their children and the next generation to become obedient, loving, hard working, respectful and joyful.


  10. My first act as queen will be to make sure there are will no homeless. Everyone shall have a home. There are so many vacant buildings that are fit to live in. Take old cook county hospital to start with and make it into a wonderful apartments. No one in the United States should have to live on the streets. Especially the elderly and children. Not in a shelter but their own home. With their own nice warm bed and a fully belly. Hunger is also something no one in The States should feel.

    So as Queen I hear by say we take all old house and start refurbishing them. Lets start in the big cities and move our way outward. Anyone need shelter can contact the castle and it will be found immediately. Open a soup kitchen in the castle until proper food can be found for everyone. Start taking donations for blankets and clothes, so no one is cold and undressed. All donations can be left at the rear door of the palace.

    With everyone’s help we can have this issues taken care of in no time. If you know a homeless person, please take them in until we can help. Notify us and we will make sure food and clothing will be sent to your home for this person.

    No one will have another cold night outside. Or have to live under a bridge.

    This is to start immediately.

    Queen Leeann


  11. If I were an emperor my first order would be to bring a beautiful girl that is exactly my type to be my empress and rule beside me. then i would make sure that everyone is happy and has a roof over there heads and roof with a solar panel and food to eat. my people would be well educated and inventive like there emperor. The national food would be ice bubble gum flavored. I would create great structure.


  12. My first act as King is to finish with with any delinquency that’s set upon earth, that way, we’ll never meet with any other stranger that can’t harm not even the most clearly evil existence in that moment.
    Having this done, any living creature will live life with no further fear that will avoid people to live peacefully.
    People will love the king.


  13. My first act as a queen of the earth is to stop every violence around the world those who wont commit to that will go through the same torture they did to that person or maybe worse, they will see how bad that is and how others feel about it.
    Then to make everything in the world easy and not hard because who wants to go through all that hard stuff so why not make everything easy to get. I think everyone would be so happy with this decision that they wont ever complain again.
    Also why not have all the food to be free in the world a lot of people would be grateful for that and wont suffer from starving to death like some do in this world.
    Make education free so that everyone that doesn’t have the opportunity to continue their education this will help them a lot and will have a better world.


  14. My first act as king is to make everything free and then make everyone equal also to make everything accessible to everyone. I also want to make everyone equal no one is any higher than any one else in society. Take anyone’s ideas and make them reality. Make food available to all. Give out all my riches. rule over all. Look for answers to the universe. Everyone to focus on making a time machine. Have everyone listen to music every second and of every day of your life. Mandatory meditation every day for an hour. Focus on making life better for all. Look for an elixir of life so that we all can live for ever. Make advancements in technology to out match all in existence. Make a device to be able to watch your dreams. Make a source of clean energy that we can control. Eliminate pollution on our planet. Create a propulsion car that can fly all over the place.


  15. My first decree as queen is to make education free and get rid of student loans. Students would be required to contribute to their country by donating time and talents for two years. Then their past debts would wiped clean. The current students must be able to contribute to society after the school term for free education in their field of study.

    I would improve healthcare. I would look at the standards from other nations and implement them in society everywhere. I would not have health care privatized it would be government standard. The cost for all would be included in a standard tax. This would intern cause the wage standard to increase. Every country would have to answer for the divide in health care and be instructed on how to fix it.

    I would have all the great minds from prospering countries meet to design and agree upon a united approach to the worlds problems. If they have issues stemming from violence to education, these problems will be dealt with on an individual basis. All of my people will have to turn in their weapons.

    No one would be allowed to consider self interest. All interests would have to be considered and brought up to standard. I would encourage my people to become part of the cure and the disease. Then we would make spaceships to travel the universe. This would enable us to meet new exciting people and lands.


  16. My first act as king would be to take away gun control.
    Police that kill will be sent to jail for life.
    Money would be split equal within the whole world.
    Everyone must have a job.
    Cut taxes.
    i would increase the time that i have to create this list.
    i would turn up with all types of celebrities.
    id make every neighborhood look presentable.
    id put a huge statue of myself in downtown right next to the bean.
    id bring back the marilyn monroe statue.
    id have the most expensive car in the world.
    id make sure no one looks better than me.
    id make it rain food.
    id make sure that everyone is pleased.
    each year there would be a huge project X kind of party.
    id star in every hit movie.


  17. My first act as queen would be that they will be more jobs for youth; to keep them out of gangs and violence and have them work for they can learn how to earn their own money and keep youth on tract for them to become more successful in life. having youth working would lower violence rates all over the world and will make the earth more peaceful to live in. the youth will learn how to be more value in life and will learn how life is not all fun and games. having them working will also help the parents out a lot in their children expensive and needs. Youth will also learn how really a responsibility feels like and how life is not that easy that sometimes it is really hard and can be stressful.


  18. My first act as a king is to make people work for me in a good way. I want them to do everything fast and going because I want my castle to be the best castles in Europe. I want to have the best army of soldiers, the best women, the strongest hard working men, the best schools and the best food. I want my castle to be filled with wealthy people and ignorance won’t be allowed. Jails shouldn’t exist in my castle because we are just keeping the trash in a wealthy place. As a king my job is to make everyone happy in my castle so anybody that needs something they can come and talk to me about anything they need. They have the right to protest if they think something is not right and I will make sure that I fix it. There would be dancing parties every Saturdays and Sundays.
    As a king I would make sure everyone has what they need like medicines, nobody should suffer from any disease because our castle is located in a healthy environmental place. Everyone should plant a small tree inside the castle. If you need to do something else outside of the castle I would let you go but you only have 15 days to come back after the deadline you will not be allowed to come in, between if you don’t know the name of this castle is called Superiors Newcastle. The castle would be made out of brick walls and strawberries. If anybody outside the castle tries to lick our strawberries brick walls would be put in dark hole full of hungry puppies,


  19. My first act as queen Sparckle is to help medically fragile Latin family communities. Lots of families are growing poorly financially without being aware of all the possibilities out there. Many of us do not now were to go or how to seek for the help. Lots of families choose to struggle or give up on the possibilities when many social workers are there to assist you in any hard ship you are going thru. If there really well informed and dedicated they will powerfully help you in your hardship and try to inform you were to get the help and assistance. When you are helped you should carry on with calling, going and meeting with the help you are seeking for.


  20. My act as King/Queen/Empreror/Empress/Grand Whatever of the Earth is to right a bunch of laws to keep certain animals as pets. You see I am a huge fan of the koala bear and I believe that should be in everyone’s home. Second I will take all the tigers in the world have keep them in my back yard, for reason that don’t need to be shared, I am the King! Eventually I will own Most of the animals that I fancy, mainly Koala bears, Tigers, Llamas, Cats, Sloths, and Alpacas.

    If anyone disagrees with me there will be consequences such as no Wifi for the day. That will really mess People up.


  21. My first act as King/Queen/Empreror/Empress/Grand Whatever of the Earth is to make people from different nations to call either Soccer ( US ) or Football ( The rest of the world ) using the same word. It does not matter if it is soccer or football, it just need to be used worldwide.


  22. My first act as grand monk of the earth is to make everybody drink a cup of ayahuasca twice a month with friends or family, and make them go into their own tents/cottages to experiences their own trans-dimensional experience. then when morning hits, meet back up with your friends/ family and tell about what you may have experienced and write it down and send it to me so I can read the stories. Also, I would make meditation part of everyday life so everyone can connect to the spiritual power within them to help know ones’ self and achieve great positivity. I will not have big corporate companies ruling our thought process and trying to brainwash the youth and keeping the people blind from what is true/real.

    Money will not be an issues to rule and tempt people, there will be either gold coins or old school barter and trade system to acquire our needs and wants. As the grand monk of the earth I would make everything peaceful, which will make all unanswered questions and possibilities answered, but then what will be of life after that, if all was answered and there was nothing else to question? O_0

    Basically, what I 2would do as grand monk is give everyone the red pill cause we all deserve to see how much further the rabbit hole goes..


  23. “My first act as Grand Whatever of the earth is to make everything free!” The Grand Whatever spoke with such confidence that it demanded the hall to erupt into a cacophony of laughter and glee. But instead he was met with awkward stares and, scattered murmurs. he began thinking to himself if maybe his delivery was wrong or that maybe no one had heard him belting at the top of his lungs so he said it again. “Did you hear me fellow citizens of Whatever? Everything is free!”
    “Well, how could everything be free? I mean, what of our jobs?” A man closest to the door asked.
    “Jobs? Well if everything is free you wont be needing those!” The Grand Whatever leaned back in his chair and smiled to himself.
    “If I’m able to speak openly here Grand Whatever?” The Grand Whatever inclined his head, for the man to go on. “I don’t feel as if you completely thought this through. I mean, it sounds as if you were given the task to make an announcement here today, and you just spun one out of thin air!” At this point the man had already walked to the front of the great hall, positioning himself in front of the Grand whatever.
    The Grand Whatever leaned towards the man, taking note of his funny mustache and eccentric personality. “You dare question the Grand Whatever’s judgment?”
    “If I may Grand Whatever?”
    “You may dear citizen.”
    “Even the name you’ve chosen for the new world is questionable. Its almost as if, it was the most ridiculous option out of a number of reasonable options?”
    “You might have something there.” The Grand Whatever leaned back pleased with himself.


  24. My first act as king of the earth is for all the countries to become friends, no more war, give people that suffering from hunger, food, people dying from thirst water. No other person will have power as me and no one will be able to dethrone me until I die. People are required to give 10 people hugs everyday so it would end violence and bring the people together. Everyone will have their rights and no one will be discriminated. I will provide everyone that doesn’t have a place to sleep comfortable at night a house and a job to insure they will continue living comfortable. I will make people drive for certain time for those who drive so we can control the carbon dioxide we give out and reduce climate change. I will plant more trees so there would be more mother nature.


  25. My first act as King/Queen/Empreror/Empress/Grand Whatever of the Earth is to declare that underwear is permanently optional.

    My son, Crown Prince Hank, cheers, because he doesn’t like to wear underwear anyway.

    I then sit stroking my chin, contemplating what to do next. My subjects stand awaiting my orders, and really, anything that comes out of my golden, royal mouth. We’ve been involved in ceremonies since 8 am. Before the coronation itself, the parliament engaged in the Royal Tea Party, followed by the Royal Inaugural Croquet Game, and then I engaged in an elaborate dance to confirm my status as the Human King of All Squirrels. The noonday sun comes through the windows. My stomach growls.

    The guardsmen nearby cough, and I declare, “It is now the royal lunchtime!”

    The crowds cheer, and my attendants lift my throne up upon their shoulders. My ermine cape quavers as they hoist me. My moustache looks fantastic as the 346 piece Royal Brass and Drum Band begin playing the Earth’s new national anthem entitled, “Jorge is the Greatest Person Ever.”

    As my throne is carried to the outside, my subjects chant my name and throw little pickles in celebration.

    I declare, “My subjects, it is now time for lunch, and the lunch will be Monte Cristo sandwiches!”

    On the lawn in front of the Royal Palace and Parade Grounds, an enormous open air kitchen is setup that can cook any meal I decide to ask for. All the citizens of the capital are invited to this incredible feast.

    The people pass the news of the declared lunch to the cooks by rumor (which happens to be the preferred mode of mass communication). The cooks begin to heat the oil within the enormous deep fryers in preparation for the delightful, greasy sandwiches.

    As my throne is put down and I walk over to the Royal Banqueting Tables, I see than Lebron James, the newly appointed Minister of Sport is walking towards his seat at the table next to me.

    “Whattup, LBJ,” I say to him.

    “Good afternoon, Your Royal Imperial Terrestial Majesty,” he replies. “It is so good that you are now king. Those three days when Drake was king were awful.”

    “That’s true. Our long worldwide nightmare is over. Unfortunately, I am afraid the Rick Ross and Donald Trump want to be King of the World, too, so we’ll need to figure out a way to stop them.’

    “Absolutely, Your Worshipfulness,” replies Lebron. “Do you think I could get a rematch from that one-on-one game yesterday?”

    “I don’t think so, LBJ,” I tell him. “There’s much to be done.”

    Lebron paused for a moment, “Can I at least get a rematch and try to beat you at checkers?”

    “Sure thing


  26. My first act as queen of the earth is to help other people , and give some money all those people who needing the money,also i going to see other people and meeting with some children and listen all the goal that they have in life and give them the things that they need to completed your goal, and them i going to find other people that have experience in different roles and those people can help our community .

    one of the other act that i have in mind is be more open mind and understand all people and listen their ideas of what they have to improve our city and our world.


  27. (this is added because I can’t post duplicate comments)

    My first act as King/Queen/Emperor/Empress/Grand Whatever of the Earth is to get rid of any kind of currency. we don’t need any of that on my planet. I’m thinking of turning this world into a communist one but I don’t know. I don’t think it works all to well on that big a scale. Just look at poor North Korea.

    Education is important isn’t it? We should focus on stuff like that and get rid of weapons. Anyone who disagrees with me on this will be forcefully put on a spaceship and sent into space. They can go wherever they want on there. I don’t really care. (Maybe I’ll send them into the sun or a black hole or something)

    There will be only one language spoken on Planet Carlos (that’s what I’ll be renaming the Earth). Maybe it’ll be Pig Latin. I will probably pick English to make it easier on myself. Making my own language also sounds like an awesome idea.

    I will have a huge mansion built just for me. In front of that mansion will be a golden statue of me with planet Carlos in my hand. It will be the most beautiful statue ever built.

    I’m also thinking of changing the Olympics somehow. Every four years seems too long so I’ll make it twice a year. Instead of getting medals for first, second, and third place, I’ll give them guest passes to come visit my mansion. The mansion will also include the greatest amusement park ever created. It’ll be better than all the Disney parks and Six Flags combined.

    Truthfully, this will never work. Not even if I tried. If this actually happens I would hand the power over to someone else because that’s just too much. If I ruled everyone, most likely, it’ll turn out horrible. It will be something similar to what happens in the purge. That’s just scary.

    I think I ran out of ideas at this point and I’m just typing whatever comes to mind right now. So hello whoever is reading this. Please have a nice day and play nice with all the unicorns. Well now time’s up so goodbye.


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