Propose a Blogpost

So, you finished the assessment.  Aren’t you special.  What, you think you’re some kind of a writer or something?
Well, guess what: you are!  
If you’re done with the assessment, write a proposed blogspot below.  What we’re asking you to do is to propose a daily blog post like the question that you answered previously.  A few types of questions are below.

  • What question would you like to ask your classmates?
  • What are you curious about that you would like to hear various responses to?
  • Do some research.  Find a cool image or quote.  If you think it’s interesting enough for people to have something to say, post it below.
  • Or anything really.  

Post the comment below!


12 thoughts on “Propose a Blogpost

  1. What do the younger students think of the older students? Do you think it is silly to come to school when you are older? Are you ever to old to learn?


  2. We all have something that inspires us to achieve our end goal in life. What is your end goal in life? What inspired you to pursue this goal? What keeps you going?


  3. What do you think of soccer ? Do you think this particular sport will be more popular in the future in the US just like in UK and the rest of Europe ?


    1. I remember when I was a kid in the 1980s and early 1990s, and very few people played soccer where I grew up in Miami. All the Cuban kids played baseball or football, and only kids whose families came from South or Central America, Mexico, and some Caribbean countries.

      The World Cup changed all that in 1994.


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