Slam Poetry Time!

Let’s brainstorm some ideas for a slam poem or a piece of flash fiction.

Then, we’ll spend 20 minutes writing them.

After you’ve written them we’ll choose five that we really like and which ones we want to hear performed.

Go for it!


30 thoughts on “Slam Poetry Time!


    Long, straight, lines of freshly planted seeds.
    One can only guess what they’ll grow to be.
    Weeks pass and growth spurts have taken effect.
    The farmer perfects daily patrols as to never neglect.
    Waiting oh waiting for that intolerably stressed out “meet the quota – meet the quota” from the cities demands harvest.


  2. A random thought came to my mind one day.
    I pictured all my friends crying and I didn’t know what to say.
    What did they see? What did I do?
    To be honest, I had no clue.
    I would never want to do anything that makes someone cry
    I wouldn’t forgive myself for it no matter how hard I try.
    So this is an apology to those people I’ve hurt.
    I’m sorry but it’s all that I got.

    I just wanted to let you know, I will never stop loving you.
    You make me smile a lot even if you don’t know it.
    I sometimes catch myself thinking about you at random times throughout the day.
    When I think about you I smile and I feel at ease knowing I have something to be happy about.
    I want to appreciate all the positive things you bring to my life.
    Thanks for helping me when I get sad
    Thanks for being there when things go bad
    Even though sometimes I get mad,
    you know how to handle it and it makes me so glad
    To have met someone like you, is like a dream come true.

    I’d love to give you the whole world.
    To give you the moon, the sun, the sky, and the sea. I’d give you all that I could just to see you smile because I love you and I hope you love me too.

    So much depends
    On that teddy bear
    That sits on the corner of the bed
    Waiting to be hugged and played with
    By a boy who wishes to be happy.

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    Your haiku could not be found
    Try again later

    If life was a game it would be like Sorry! Just when you start doing fine someone comes and ruins it and says sorry like nothing happened

    Laughter may be the best medicine but you can’t get it over the counter and no one is filling out a prescription for me

    The prettiest smiles hide the deepest scars, The prettiest eyes cry the most painful tears, and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.

    It’s scary what a smile can hide. It doesn’t show the pain and sorrow it has once witnessed. The strong always smile but they need help too.

    Even though the seasons change this feeling will remain the same. Nobody needs me. I’m so useless it makes my heart hurt.

    Because even the smallest of words can be the ones to save you or hurt you. I’ve only used excuses to pretend I’m not hurting.

    Life long friends won’t always be your friend but you’ll definitely remember them for the rest of your life

    Poems aren’t my thing
    I can’t get anything right
    Trying hurts my brain


  3. A force that makes the ground tremble, and keeps me awake from my slumber of no sleep,
    the plague of badly built import machines that runs on turbo and sports blitz boost gauge,
    LED mufflers and excessive neon were always and will be wack.
    take that stuff back to Autozone and get your money back.
    now sit back and relax,
    don’t compare stars with diamonds
    diamonds are for ever and stars explode.


  4. Money it comes
    Money it goes
    It doesn’t say hi
    It doesn’t say bye
    It’s not easy to get and it’s hard to keep it when you have it
    It’s worth so much
    and yet its just paper
    something we have all around us
    Money Money Money
    If only
    If only it were as easy to get it as it is to say it
    Money …. man do I worry about money
    If I don’t have enough to make my payment
    If I want to do and do something fun I need it
    If I don’t have it
    If I do have it
    Why do we focus so much on money
    who created it
    who made it
    why is it so important
    Money what we all want
    what we all think about at some point in our lives
    what makes us powerful
    Money Money Money
    All the time its what we listen to ads about money
    Songs about money
    Things being bought and sold for money
    It goes
    It comes
    It doesn’t say hi
    It doesn’t say bye
    It’s just there killing you giving you life
    And no matter how much you try and escape it
    It will find you
    Money Money Money
    Even thought of it is always present whether we want it to be or not its there
    And we cant rid of it
    why Money its just paper


  5. I’ll grant you your every wish, I’ll make you rich, famous, etc. I’ll give you everything you could ever want… The only thing I ask for in return is for you to promise something to me.. nothing big, nothing small, nothing expensive, nothing you’ll need when you’re gone.
    “Just sign here”_____________________<—(blood drops on that line)


  6. Ball is life. For certain people this statement means a lot. For others its just a simple sentence. For those of us who know what it means, its about how basketball means so much to us. Basketball is an emotional outlet that allows you to escape some of the problems of your live for a short period of time. Although at the same time it is the most blissful of short times because of the passion that you have when you give all that you have on the court. Sports like these are needed because at the end of the day to distract us from the problems in our lives. And that’s ok because everyone every now and again needs to escape from life in order to have a little fun.


  7. The rain hits upon my black soles,
    The lanterns float in the air,
    as the droplets,
    slides on these floating nightly beacons,
    I pull up my collar,
    of how I feel and seem,
    oh so cool,
    As the air
    The breeze ruffles, my coat tails,
    My heart races as I near the corner…
    Is she there?…
    That woman….
    The painted lady,
    Yes she is.
    The face of a portrait,
    Lips dipped in red rose petals,
    eyes as dazzling as diamonds,
    A smile as genuine as jewels,
    Her eyes ask me questions,
    Her mouth forms soft sweet words,
    She moves closer with her black umbrella,
    The scent of a flower,
    so foreign to the imaginary,
    wafts up to my erratic brain,
    I stare at the beautiful
    waves in her hair,
    So classical,
    The pearls of her teeth are symmetric in that smile,
    As she comes even closer,
    And stains my hungry lips,
    with her cherry tulips,
    My mind becomes unstable,
    My racing heart flies,
    Out into the night air,
    When we pull away,
    I place my trembling hand on her warm cheek,
    She closes her diamonds,
    And kisses my palm,
    I take her umbrella,
    As we begin to go,
    to somewhere only we know,
    We link our arms together,
    As her heals click into the moist earth,
    And my black leather soles kick up the rain.


  8. True Love

    I never knew about happiness; I didn’t think dreams came true; I couldn’t really believe in love,
    Until I finally met you.

    Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion; I give to you my deepest devotion. My fondest wishes you completely fulfill; I love you totally, and I always will.

    When all goes wrong, and my life runs amok, I think of you, and I get unstuck;
    In the midst of chaos, you make my heart sing; You’re my peace, my happiness, my everything.

    If tomorrow my life were finished, With many fun things left to do, It wouldn’t matter at all, Because, my love, I had you.

    I say a prayer of thanks each day. To the good Lord up above:
    Thanks for the gift of you in my life. Life would not be the same if you weren’t mine, I wouldn’t be fine. I am thankful for your love your a gift from up above and my first and last l0ve.


  9. Rain

    I hear it rains more often on the weekends
    So don’t worry about canceling our plans.

    It rains all the time in the summer
    We can go some other day.

    It’s supposed to rain all day
    We can just stay home again.

    Don’t bother to bring an umbrella
    It didn’t mean that much to me.

    I shouldn’t expect you to keep promises
    if the weather can’t either.


  10. Life, it is something that is vague. Anything with a heartbeat or in a living stasis. Everything we do paints our own picture in this world and what the bring to the world. The earth is spherical white piece of art, it paints it own picture and what we do are the details of the vast portrait. Everything has its meaning or purpose to it. The world doesn’t need us for it to survive but we need it to survive. In the end, when it is all said and done; when the world can no longer inflict anymore details it will erase itself and paint its new picture.


  11. World of Color

    For a long time now this world has been gray
    But I found this place
    A portal
    An escape

    This place was home to many and full of color
    Colors that I’ve never seen
    I was taken into this world with loving open arms
    Day by day it showed me more colors

    My world lit up around me
    Full of colors
    That World
    That Portal
    That Escape
    Has shown me so much

    So now my world isn’t so gray
    It’s full of color
    And now I can see
    So thank you other world for lighting up mine


  12. Dogs bark, children cry, and people die.
    The world keeps turning.
    Somewhere a man beats his child.
    People hear, but no one helps.
    The world keeps turning.
    Another kid overdosed.
    They couldn’t stand their life.
    The world keeps turning.
    The murderer is set free.
    Not enough evidence.
    He’ll kill again.
    The world keeps turning.
    Even when you’re gone.
    People forget.
    People lie.
    People die.
    The world keeps turning.


  13. when everyone looking for love , it simply disappear .
    when you thought you find it , but its not what you expect
    you Stop looking … then he star looking for you
    it can find you ready for it , or it couldn’t.

    Just stop thinking about it and don’t worry you gonna find that real Love you Dream of … good luck


  14. I’m a angel with wings
    I think i heard the doorbell rings
    Why is there people with bling
    If there’s so much gore
    Why is it in my central core
    I’m soaring in the air
    As if they called me Ric Flair
    Some people called me the exterminator
    But I called myself the terminator


  15. Is this a Haiku?


    Haiku Helper

    Oh hi there haiku!
    Fancy meeting you out here.
    Come help me write poems

    What a Haiku

    Here’s five syllables
    Seven more of those guys there
    Five more to end it


  16. As I walk in the plains of Africa I think to myself
    WOW! I am 5 times bigger than a 56″ bookshelf
    My mph is 32
    Its a guarantee I will beat you, even with the fast shoe
    I just chill and eat leaves all day
    I love being a Giraffe, what can I say
    Being me means I’m covered with brown spots
    At the zoo these kids try to feed me tater tots
    I have these little horns on my head
    My head rest on my hindquarters when I go to bed
    Man I live being Giraffe!


  17. Rain
    It’s wet!
    It’s colorless, tasteless, odorless, and the most gaseous element occurring in the free state of mans mind. AIR! It clean the human body
    It knows no anger, nor to hurt anybody
    It doesn’t know discrimination


  18. If you would have met me before pain moved into my heart you would of met the most brightest star in the universe
    You would of thought that I were the most beautiful flower in the garden
    Full of beauty
    Not the type you could see with your eyes and touch with your hands but the one you could feel, the one your soul would enjoy being with


  19. life is a struggle , every day I always think of trying but I can’t so I won’t leave my mom. Cause its just me and her and now that my dad is dead , I hate my life and the people around it cause , I always feel that they are going to hurt me or make fun of me. Most of my life I got bully cause of being me or being a new student at the school, I have been to so many schools cause I got bully so much that I went home crying everyday.


  20. Illuminati….
    Illuminati, the people that capture the body.. The soul, and mind becomes the main possession.
    Brainwashing the ones worthy of an empty body, controlled by the corruption in a way to fulfill the agenda… They are watching.. Watching what the chosen ones do to make up what we call media and music..
    False society,
    a false society that’s given and told to us.. yet we are still empty, full of materialistic things and still empty looking for the truth and needing more of what we don’t need to live..
    Control… they find ways to control the population, yet despite the allegations. We are still poisoned by genetically made food, genetically made clouds.. to hide us from the truth.. What? why? is what we ask to figure out what is really behind the curtains that hang from the illuminati’s windows..
    Sacrifice, whom we love and what we have to gain fame, the money, the power to rule, or to just go onto a better “life”… They are puppets.. puppets with all strings attached, and controlled to tell us we are okay and there’s nothing fear and see here..
    Lies to us and tells of a greater life if you just continue to consume the matter of brainwashing…
    Nobody is safe, we’ve been lied to more than our parents have lied to us about Santa, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy.. when the illuminati tells you to follow and comes with a car…
    don’t take the Maserati….


  21. Clean the kitchen. before she left she told me to wash the dishes, make the bed, clean the linens.
    And I did, but apparently the way I do things is a little different.
    Because when she got back I was greeted with, “Have you SEEN the kitchen?!”
    So I sat there wishing, not worth the argument just agree and pay attention.
    But when her words contradict we just cant avoid a conflict.
    Expecting me to answer rhetorical questions.
    “How hard is it to wash the dishes?”
    About the same as it is to hid my aggression!
    So I check out, recede into myself and accept my lesson.
    But if the shoe was on the other foot i wouldn’t be stressed about, “kinda clean linens.”


  22. rain can come from different directions , and from different places ,the purpose of the rain is give life that are in our behavior.

    strong rain from north to south.
    fields full of light
    in the dark night.


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