Growth Mindset Part II

Please answer the following questions and submit them by printing them out when you finish.

  1. Think about an example from your own life of something that you weren’t at first good at.  Then you practiced it using a good strategy and became really good at it.  Write about it and explain how you improved.
  2. Imagine a friend who is struggling in school.  This friend used to do pretty well in school but now is having a hard time and is starting to feel dumb.  Write a paragraph to your friend to encourage him or her—tell them about what you just learned about the brain and why they shouldn’t be discouraged.
  3. How does this article affect the way you think about your abilities to learn new things? Also, describe 1 specific action you will take to apply what you have just learned about the human brain.

7 thoughts on “Growth Mindset Part II

  1. 1. I wasn’t able to tackle in football correctly at first. I then played varsity football for 4 years and was able to learn how to correctly hit people by practicing on dummies in practice and in the actual games when I hit other people.
    2. Look you shouldn’t feel discouraged that you aren’t doing well in math right now. We can practice together on the math problems and I recently read that doing good study habits and practicing with others really helps your brain grow! Also if we try to do harder problems our brains actually grow more because its a harsher environment to learn from. Hope you read this email and feel better
    3. This article makes me feel that I actually have a chance to be able to get better at math for the first time in my life. I also plan to get together with a friend and learn together so we can be able to get better at math because together we are able to grow, brain wise


  2. The first thing I have ever tried but I know I wasn’t good at was playing basketball. I was tremendously horrible at it when I was younger. I always tried, over the summer I would wake up and walk to the park to practice morning till the evening. I found out that my skills improved and everything was getting better.

    First of all, you shouldn’t feel dumb at this point you’ve have done well in school. I assume that you just have been slacking and not trying your best of you abilities. I know you can do it, you’ve done it before you can do it again and continue a do it over and over again.

    I always try to do the best I can no matter if I know that I’m not well at or excel in . You have to believe in yourself and not give up in yourself because if you don’t push yourself you will get no where in life.


  3. 1. I wasn’t very good at knitting I thought it was the hardest thing in the world but I would sit with my art teacher and work at it till my fingers bled. I still am not very good at it but I made a sort of kind of scarf.
    2. This is normal to feel as though you aren’t doing well. Things will always get harder as you get further in your journey, but instead of letting it defeat you, your suppose to take it by the horns and give it your all and keep at it you will get better at it and it will make it easier.
    3. I feel like I am not to old to learn new things and I will never be if I keep my brain busy and get what I want to learn 110% it is possible to be better at math and better at reading.


  4. 1. My senior year in high school I wanted to join a sport in school so I joined the softball team. I’ve never played that sport in my life and it was a challenge especially catching the ball and getting the hang of the game. Because catching the ball is very important thing to know how to do in this sport I had to learn it and learn it fast. practice after practice and also talking to myself and telling myself that I was able to do it etc. I was able to learn everything about the sport. although I’m not a pro I still love the sport and I’m glad I learned it.
    2. My dearest friend there is no reason to worry and no reason to feel dumb. We all have moments like these. But if you want to improve and get better again you will have to practice and have confidence in yourself.


  5. – A moment of struggle and weakness in my life was definitely when I attempted to install Hardwood floor for the first time. at the beginning I gave it hard tries and I’d kept getting mistakes and what not. Watching my coworkers doing the job with ease made me feel incapable of everything. After moments of wrath, I decided to give it even more tries, even though I kept getting errors. As a result, I became better at installing the floor with perfection and I became as faster as my coworkers. After practicing on difficult cuts and calculations, I became really good at it.
    -Cheer up! I remember you told me “I feel dumb” which is a full myth believed to be true fact, how dreadful. There will never exist a “dumb” student on the surface of the earth; what really is going on with you is that you haven’t given your best effort to gain success on what you’re struggling on, you know what they say: “Practice makes perfect”. So lets work on your muscle that has been slightly weakened: your brain. Scientists have proven that when you practice on activities such as math problems, your brain practically grows in size, just like an anatomic muscle when you go to the gym, and eventually, you’ll become even smarter like you were before, so practice!
    -It thoroughly affects my thought of me “being dumb”. I before believed in this, but now that I’ve read the article, I’m sure that the concept of “being dumb” doesn’t exist at all. Thus, I will implant the proceeding action: There will be no more barriers between me and the opportunity of mastering a topic in math for instance. This said, I know that anything is possible if you wish for it to be possible.


  6. Something that I wasn’t so good at that I wanted to try my sophomore year was join the school soccer team, but since I wasn’t so good at it I started practicing outside school with my friends. From time to time I started getting good at it.
    Hey! just because you forgot some stuff doesn’t mean you’re dumb, never say you’re dumb I don’t think anyone thinks you’re dumb you were the best at almost every class we could never beat you. It’s never to late to start reviewing everything from the beginning. Watch that in no time you will be back like you were having all a’s again .
    This article made me think that I can challenge myself and that I can actually improve and go further.


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