Daily Blog Post, Day 6 (Tuesday, June 30)

“There are Birds Here” by Jamaal May.

This is the poem that the Matthew Olzmann poem from yesterday was based on.

Answer the following question in your blog post.

  1. What do you think Jamaal May is trying to say in this poem?
  2. Why do you think Matthew Olzmann decided to write a poem about it?
  3. What is your favorite use of language in this poem?

11 thoughts on “Daily Blog Post, Day 6 (Tuesday, June 30)

  1. 1) Jamaal May is comparing happy children to the birds in Detroit, he is simply saying that both are a nonexistent metaphor.

    2)Matthew Olzmann’s decided to write a poem about it due to the fact that both have content about children suffering, whether it is about the loss of innocence, or the happiness of children. The children suffer from happiness because it is nonexistent, where as in turn they suffer from the loss of innocence due to the fact that we are pressured to grow up quickly.

    3)For me my favorite use of languare is the amount of syntax and diction May uses. I like how he chooses confetti over cotton in stanza two. As well as his choice of skeleton vs. a smile in stanza five. Lastly My personal favorite was the syntax device he used towards the end in the last stanza, “lovely the runis…’ and ‘ruined lovely’.


  2. 1. I believe he’s trying to display the message about life and how to cope with it.
    2. He decided to write about something unique to display about children’s struggles.
    3. I believe he used a calm and touching tone to this poem and if flows well when reading it.


  3. What Jamaal may is trying to say in this poem is that we are al just like birds who are looking for bread to eat. He is saying that people are depending on money and food to survive like birds do towards bread. Olzmaan wrote a poem about this because he wants to explain how people are trapped in society. The language I like the most is when he states us as birds.


  4. This poem was a little hard to understand, but I think what he’s talking about is crime and destruction in the city of Detroit. I think Olzman decided to write about this because the birds in this poem are a metaphor for something and in the story he was writing the unicorns are also a metaphor. My favorite use of language was when he was talking about a sun being pierced by a shadow, because I though it was a cool image to imagine.


  5. 1. He is comparing happy children to the birds in Detroit. Indirectly he is conveying the message about life, obstacles, and how to handle them.
    2. He decided to write about something in which he is passionate about and knows that readers will be intrigued and try to follow his advice.
    3. He used a more calm tone to convey his message to his audience and it flows when reading it.


  6. Jamaal May is trying to say in this poem bout the birds in Detroit and the metaphor that can will be in a life of some people. Matthew Olzmann decided to write a poem about birds and metaphor and things that are not real. and my favorite use of language is the rhyme in the poem.


  7. I think that the poem is about the connections that are created between people whether it be through emotion or other types.
    I think that matthew created his poem to show that even thought birds (connections) are there people will try and always break those connections because they are scared and they envy what they don’t have or what they want but cant have.
    The comparison of the girls hand to confetti and how the boy has such an overwhelming feeling towards the confetti and how it cant be broken, yet there will always be others who will try to break the connection and how they will feel when there are no more connections.


  8. well I think in all the different poems we have had are all going for the same reason. We can go through life and not being scene by anyone.


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