Room for Debate: Should High School Last Six Years

The New York Times has a great section that is available online called Room for Debate.  

In this section, four to six experts are invited to discuss an important current news topic.

In this installment, the six experts consider the question “Should High School Last Six Years?

Afte reading the three articles, do the following activity in your group.

Your group is the Chicago School Board.  You are considering if Chicago High Schools should adopt a six year high school curriculum.  Your options are:

  • to keep high school as it is,
  • to make high school four years with an optional two years that would be the equivalent of community college, 
  • to make high school a mandatory six year curriculum, or
  • some other proposal.

When you decide on your proposal (it must be unanimous), give reasons for your decision based on

  • the articles you read and
  • your own experience and reasons.

Like yesterday, post your group’s decision to the ‘blog and be ready to discuss it with the class.


10 thoughts on “Room for Debate: Should High School Last Six Years

  1. in my opinion high school should have two more extra years including to make the last two years count like community college because this would mean that students wouldn’t have to go on and make new friends. In addition, it would give some people more motivation to go to school because you’ll be able to stay longer with the people you know.


      1. well my group was thinking that we should go at our own pace cause we all have a diferent mind set .


  2. Overall, we believe high school should remain 4 years. We believe that the amount of school means nothing. It is the quality of education learned in that period. Amanda states, “It’s not about time; it’s about relevance.” We believe it will also increase the drop out rate because many people struggle to complete the 4 year requirement as it is.


  3. I believe we should leave the system as is of just four years of high school and then you choose college. I think we should stick with as is because maybe not everyone wants to be part of IBM, people want to be doctors, teachers and engineers. Not everyone could be interested in the incentive they give for six years so students should be able to choose.


  4. To make high school four years with an optional two years that would be the equivalent of community college. They should place them in places where they can succeed, not fail! Everyone is not tech savvy, but given an opportunity they can reach for success. Can Chicago can build from that.


  5. Group 4 ( Anouar, Carolyn,maria,taylor,jose)

    our group think that Chicago high school should keep it as it is,
    because who wants to be 21years old and still in high school,
    since right now its just 4 years and a lot of teenagers drops out of high school, what if it’s 6 years the rate of the drop out will be larger than what it is .


  6. Our group believes that there should be a 6 year high school program for teenagers because it helps reteaches the former curriculum from the past four years and adding 2 years to help build confidence for the number two top careers which are health care and business technology. Also, it helps to motivate the chance to improve their mastery of a subject or skill that is required.


  7. What i think about high school going to a 6 year education including college community credits is unnecessary because the percentage of kids dropping out of high school is already high. Just imagine when teens become 18, they could enlist for the military and choose to not graduate at all. Another thing about a 4 year high school education is when you graduate it is achievement by it self and time to go on in life. The next journey in a person life is a new school, new environment , new friends and a new start.


  8. we should only have about 850 students because that causes students to become closer with one another. it’ll make the community so much safer, since everyone would know each other.


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