Blog Race: the Envelope

This week’s blog race is to write a story for the next 15 minutes starting with the following sentence.  

A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope. When you open it…


23 thoughts on “Blog Race: the Envelope

  1. what I would do is shot the person who gave me the envelope cause I did not like his hair , it look like he put gel on it, and run to a cruse boat and get on it and leave it there and then jump of the boat and swim to shore and go get a sandwich from subway and eat there and then after that I would just go home and which T.V till I want to go to sleep.


  2. A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope. When you open it…
    As I open the mysterious envelope I begin to look it over careful to inspect it to make anything was aloof. I then open up the envelope and begin to inspect the paper that is inside. The envelope could hold a piece of paper at the time. On the piece of paper were just random times and little event. A person waking up, getting coffee, talking to friends, etc. Then as I begin to lose interest I realized that these events looked really familiar to me. They were about my day as it went along. but that wasn’t even the scariest part about it. The page was only up to the half point of my day… their were more events after what was presently going on at this moment. I turned around to look for the stranger but to no avail for I had lost sight of him. I then looked at the paper and realized that this exchange was on the paper too. Saying I would not see the stranger. I then went on to my house to freaked out to do anything else throughout the day. As I fell asleep I put the envelope to the side of my bed with the paper on top of it as I drifted off to my slumber. When I woke up in the morning I wanted to look at the paper again to relive the other worldly events of the other day but when I reached over the paper was gone only the envelope was there. I then reached over to open the envelope thinking I must have put the paper back in it then forgot that I had done that. As I reached in the paper was their to my relieve. I pulled it out and began to read it but the events were all off. I then realized to my horror that it was the events for today and right in the middle of it the words ended abruptly unlike the other paper. I have no idea what is going to happen.


  3. A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope. When you open it… bam there is note attached to a cut off finger saying, “you are next”. You immediately pack a bag and jump out the window, yes your window. You may say, “but jose im on the 50th floor”, and I say I don’t care what floor you are on someone wants to kill you so you jump out that window. As you are falling getting closer to the pavement, a giant bald eagle catches you cause murica. Then the eagle poops out a tactical nuke on the man who sent the note to you who actually turned our to be your best friend. Then you and the eagle fly out into the sunset.


  4. when I open it, there will be a letter of one my old ancestors or something like that and also, a check inside of the envelope, an old check that has $50,000 on it. Now knowing that its 2015 and the money would be worth more than $50,000; I would literally go to the bank, show them the check and see how much they can estimate the amount of money that I would literally get and figure out what I would do the money that was given to me from one of my old ancestor.

    What I would do with the money is put 70% of it into my savings and the rest of it spend on what I really want to actually get for myself. I would use the money to go on vacation out-of-state and would like to go to London, England because that would be the first place to visit and enjoy the sight seeing and would learn about their culture and history of their country.


  5. A mysterious stranger hands me an envelope. When I opened it…There it was. Four tickets to Disney world.(Good cause Disneyland is pretty lame.) I haven’t been to Disney world in five years. I ran home with tears in my eyes of happiness(Yes, I said it tears of happiness) I screamed at my parents to hurry and start packing because I want to go NOW! We get packing and start going to Disneyworld. I had to go to LevelUp that day but I want to be a rebel and go to Disney World. Then while Im waiting In line for “Voyage of The Little Mermaid” I see a man approaching me. He looked familiar. He came up to me and said “You failed the test.” and slit my throat.


  6. A mysterious stranger handed me an envelope. When I opened it, I had no idea one little paper could impact my life so much. It started by telling me ‘ I was the chosen one.” As I continued reading, my heart felt like it fell to the ground. A couple years ago, I enlisted in the military. I never received the acceptance letter, so I pretty much just left that in the past. But, now they want me. However, I do not want them anymore.
    I have a family now. I can’t leave. But the letter says, I have to leave. I can’t imagine being away from my wife and child. Especially thousands of miles away putting my life in danger. They are my life.
    I broke down. Telling my family would a harder task than actually leaving my family. I would never want to see my wife cry. I wouldn’t want to miss any events of my child’s life. I would never want my son to forget his own father. Now, that, that is my biggest fear.
    Why can’t they pick someone else? I was chosen to be a father and a husband. Will my wife support me? Would my son be proud of me? Thousands of questions pondered in my head.
    I kept quiet. I became distant. I did not know what to say or do. The letter said I had only a week to prepare myself.
    The day finally came. Not the day I left, but the day I told my family.
    My wife was heartbroken, but at the same time supported me. My son, well, he couldn’t understand. I’m sure he will one day and see me as his own personal hero.
    It was time to begin my new journey. I had to pack pretty much everything. My wife promised to write me and send me pictures. I was on my way to a journey I knew nothing about.
    When I got to the base where I saw all the rest of the chosen men and females, I realized I was chosen. I was chosen to be a protector. That’s why God chose to me to be a husband and father. I was chosen because I am not a weak minded person. I could tell all these other people had the same character traits.


    1. I like how you write, its interesting and very connected somehow. Definitely keeps me interested to know what will come out the situation. Keep it up!


  7. The man with the waxed moustache handed me a sealed envelope with keys inside. Just what did the keys unlock I wondered. Could it be to a house? a locker at the bus depot? a car? perhaps a Bugatti? But why was it given to me?
    The excitement started racing through me as I realized there was only one way to find out. I slowly ripped open the envelop and shook the keys out.

    Much to my surprise, shockingly they were to a ………………………………………………………………


  8. One day, I was sitting outside A-113 eating an apple. The door opened, and I assumed it was Rich coming to bother me about LevelUp.

    But it wasn’t Rich. It was a mysterious stranger wearing a cloak and top hat.

    “Hey, where’s your staff ID?” I asked him.

    He handed me an ancient looking envelope with a red stamp. I looked at the envelope and when I looked up, he was gone.

    I opened the envelope. Inside was a note that read, “This coupon entitles the bearer to one free slice of salted caramel cheesecake from the Eli’s Cheesecake Factory.”

    I walked out of the building, delighted at my good luck. It was hot out, and as I walked, I wondered who that stranger was. Why did he give me the coupon? Would they let me substitute another flavor if I didn’t like the salted caramel?

    Soon enough, I was inside the air conditioned comfort of the Eli’s factory.

    I went up to the counter and gave my coupon to a man wearing an apron. He looked down at the piece of paper.

    “Hi,” I said. “Could I get a slice of free cheesecake. But I was wondering if I could substitute—”

    Before I could finish my question, someone had thrown a bag over my head. Ropes encircled me. They tightened around me, and I could feel myself be lifted up.

    “Hey! Put me down! I just asked if I could substitute—”

    I could feel myself being thrown from someone’s shoulder into an ersatz elevator.


  9. I would take it and try to see through the lights up in the air , I can say I wouldn’t open it but for curiosity or boredom I would open it, of course like most people I will be hoping the best for money. when I open it I see in the envelope it has a paper with a hint saying if I fallow the hints I would get a great surprise that fills a persons heart with happiness . of course it sounds full of itself , and there is a chance it can take me to danger but there is a chance it can be the truth .

    For curiosity I will follow it to next hint which leads me to another , skipping to the last hint I start getting excited and nervous , what if people jump out and I get attacked , what if I find a bag full of money, what would I did with so much money ! what do I do if I get attacked . I kind of thought ahead and dint bring noting valuable and I have let someone know of my location and incase of anything to go feed my dog.

    when I finally get to the last hint I see a box a average size box not so big nor so small, when I open it there’s another letter that


  10. A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope. When i open it, I find an invitation card to visit Steve Jobs Office in San Francisco to interview him.

    *my first question was how can we think different like you did in past ?

    Steve : you have to believe in your self cause if you don’t nobody will believe in you, and the way you see things should be different than others, believe that whatever you put your mind to it you can achieve it .

    *and what makes you motivated every day, and makes you change the world ?

    Steve : Your work going to fill a large part in your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. if you haven’t found it yet keep looking. don’t settle. as with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

    *and finally what is the best advice that you can give to the youth of today ?

    Steve : stay hungry stay foolish


  11. When I was given the envelope I was tempeted to open the envelope but then I wanted to see what the stranger looked like because when I was given the envelope I couldn’t see his face. However when I turned back to see what he looked like I couldn’t see him not cause he was covered up but because he was gone in the instant that I took to look at the envelope he disappeared so I wanted to open the envelope but I was scared so I had my friend open for me and when he did it was just a pin but that’s what it seemed to be when I grabbed it I was in a different place somewhere I didn’t know and I couldn’t have a imagined but I was there and when I let go I was back in my world so I wanted more so I didn’t let go an I followed to the building that I could see and I didn’t want to stop going because I saw that it was some where extraordinary and I wanted to be apart of it.

    So I stoped and started to think about how was this going to affect me but when I realized what was going on it was to late because the magic of the pin had worn off and I couldn’t see this other world anymore but I wanted to see more so I went in search of another and I went so far that I ended up in another state and I couldn’t believe it when I met someone else who knew about the pin I wanted to talk more about it but they didn’t they wanted to get to the person who gave me the pin but when I told them that I didn’t know who had gave me the pin they got hostile and started trying to attack me and then all of a sudden I was save by a mysterious stranger that had come out of no where and had put the two who was attacking me and my arm was in the space that was seal by time and when I was freed I wanted to ask so many question but I was still at risk of being killed because they were going to be freed as well so I still had to fight but when I was freed me and the other stranger had fought and created an explosion in the place we were in so that we could escape and I wanted so badly to stop and talk but this stranger had other plans put me in a car and had started to drive to who knows where and I wanted to ask question but when I started to ask question the stranger shut down and I don’t mean fell asleep no I literarly shut down like a robot and I had to take control of the car that we were in and when I continued driving the stranger had woke again to tell me why she had done this and had said that she wasn’t human but an android that came to bring brilliant minds to a place where no idea failed and everything succeed and made the world never ending and made live ever lasting that made everything perfect but that it was dying because everyone was giving up hope so we went to the only person that was left that could have helped us get to this place but when we reached our destination I was thrown out of the car and told to go and meet this person because they only wanted to meet fresh minds and not old ones and that I was the only that could succeed in making the world better and there was no one left.


  12. A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope, I would open it and I expect free tickets to the world tour or a letter of confirmation from my dream job or some good amount of cash! Or at least I hope it doesn’t have something toxic inside it by which I can die.


  13. I see the old broken down envelope, I take it from the mysterious man. I open it and begin to read the creepy letter. While I read I noticed that there was blood on it like as it was written in blood. It reads “Anyone who reads this is destined to be…” It cuts after that. What am I destined to do are be? These are questions that this letter left me with. I looked up and the stranger was just gone, just like vanished and even I didn’t hear him leave? He couldn’t have just disappeared in thin air just like that? It was really dark out that night. It seemed to be getting darker and darker by the second. The street lights begin to burst and I looked at the moon. I was red…a very dark red. It was a blood moon, but I have never actually seen one just heard of them. This is when I begin to panic and I saw a man, not the same man that has given me the letter, no. This was a different man and he was running towards me with something in his hand. As he grew nearer I saw that it was a knife. I began to run and run into the night and hide, but I don’t think I can’t lose him.


  14. A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope. When you open it… Its says you must give three smaller envelopes in this envelope to these three people they will tell you more information. I all of a sudden teleport to Africa and give one of the letters to Insaine bolt, he tells me he will meet me later at Iceland. I all of a sudden teleport again to japan, and I give the 2nd envelope to a girl named Moon and she also says I will meet you in Iceland. The 3rd time I teleport I end up in Iceland, I meet a girl named Riley, she says lets meet at glass town here in Iceland.

    I all of sudden get teleported into a black whole and some reason I don’t die while I get sucked up into it. My legs or body doesn’t fall apart either. I land in a grassy field, and this lady comes up to me with an envelope and is speaking in antarctican. Then while she’s handing me the note I transport to the moon, without any oxygen, but I’m breathing normally and all of a sudden my vision is spectacular, I can see Humans on earth from the moon.

    Then I teleport again to Iceland, and I’m sitting in hot springs. There is Insain bolt sitting next to me in another hot springs, 2 or 3 feet apart from me, and so is moon and riley. All of a sudden we realize something, this isn’t earth anymore. This is another moon. #wearealiens


  15. A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope. When you open it…

    this is a magic about that when you open it you filled with happiness, wisdom, intelligence and strength I will give you three wishes.
    in the first envelope is a plane ticket to travel to where you you’d get with escort.


  16. A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope. When you open it…
    I was kind of lost before opening it I was confused because I was like “why would a stranger give me a an envelope” like what can it say should I open it, or should I just ignore it. I was scared because the person who gave it to me looked creepy and I was thinking what if it’s a warning or something I didn’t want to open it.
    Then I thought maybe it’s from someone I know but doesn’t want to give it to me so instead they told a stranger to hand it to me in person, but why a person like him? I don’t know.. Maybe I should open it to know what it is or what that person wants.
    However, I was about to open it and just when I was about to the wind flew it away from my hand, when a snow storm was approaching.I had to ran behind it to catch it. It was really hard for me, I could hardly run because at that moment I was very sore that I could barely walk, that day before I started going to the gym. After people saw me running after an envelope, the envelope was laying on floor next to a bus stop, this guy tried to grab it when a car passed by it and flew it away.
    I was hoping it didn’t snow that would of been worse thing right now and guess what it started raining I was so upset because the envelope was going to get wet. I saw the envelope and it was so wet I opened it and it said “hi… Say what would you do on your last day here? I’ll have you thinking about it” signed “anonymously” I was so freaked out because I didn’t know what to do. I ran to my friends house and I showed her.


  17. A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope. When you open it…….
    you will be find money, or tickets for a soccer game.
    what will be you need to do is to answer some question that you will be find in the other envelope and you need to be honest when you answer the questions.

    But you need to be careful of what envelope you choice because sometimes the envelope can will be nothing.
    The envelope can will be of different color, those color can be blue, red and yellow.
    In the envelope of color red you can have a wish, this wish can will be used to travel or talk with a person and this person can will be from different country.
    The second envelope you can find a gif card of $100.00 dollars.


  18. I’d put a mask on, just to be on the safe side, and I’d open it. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but curiosity also put man on the moon.


  19. A mysterious stranger hands you an envelope. When you open it, there are scriptures and a note that exclaims of someone close to you has passed and that they’ve left a treasure within the catacombs underneath the city. The scriptures are in a dark foreign writing that not even the public eye can describe what it means. Through finding this letter, the scriptures are written in English at the treasure site. So then; you start to follow every riddle and clue there are contained in this envelope, and eventually get to the place where the person you once knew has hid the reward. As you come closer to the treasure, it becomes a trap! This was all a set up, and the dark entities that surround you draw near as their swords raise, a dashing bright light of smite comes down on the dark force. Little did you know this was your friend/relative protecting you so you are able to receive the treasure at ease. At some point you find yourself in dire confusion and your vision gets blurry.. When you have risen up after that weary moment, you soon find yourself in front a man dressed as the shadows beckoning you to come forth. It is a nightingale, one of the eyes of the night. At this point you’re utterly mad and confused on how much is happening just to open a simple chest in the dreaded catacombs underneath the city streets.
    This is London by the way, at the second stroke of midnight you say to yourself; “why can’t I just go home?” “this is all a bunch of hoopla to open this chest.” The nightingale this gives you another envelope that leads to the real treasure that the person close you left. This story can go on but I am running out of time, long story short. You’ve become a part of the eyes of the night, better known as a nightingale. Once you’ve been recruited, they take you to the treasure through some secret passages that have never been discover by the human eye. All that was there inside the chest was a safe with $5000 and a picture of wolf and hawk, and also a key to the nightingale armory.


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