Daily Blog Post, Day 12 (Thursday, July 9th)


Please answer the questions below based on this photo.

1. What does this picture mean to you?

2. How do you define as success?

3. What does success mean to you?

4. If you don’t succeed at something what do you do?


28 thoughts on “Daily Blog Post, Day 12 (Thursday, July 9th)

  1. I feel it means that I always have to keep learning and growing.
    Success to me is stability.
    Success to me is being able to provide for my family and live financially free.
    When I don’t succeed at something I usually ask for help and continue to press ahead until I’m up to pare with everything.


  2. This photo relates to life it is saying anything can happen and life is a work in progress. Success to me is reaching one’s goals and when one is successful they give back what they know and have learned to the community. A successful person wants others to be successful and they want to inspire others to do better and reach their goals. If one does not succeed at something they should not give up and try again and also seek help because successful people don’t become successful alone.


  3. This picture for me means that the road to success is a road that is under construct by whoever is walking on it. Every step you give is always paved by your actions. success is not given with a road that is already there. You have success if you want it. You lead the way. This means to me that working hard always pays off. If you don’t succeed at something you can always go for it again.


  4. The sign is saying that you must try even if you fail. Road construction is like that. You have to sometimes go back and redo the road. Sometimes the road to success is the next road over. So it is ok to change your mind on your path and find another. Success to me is the way you feel about yourself personally. I truly don’t think it is a title or money. Mom always told me it you don’t succeed then you try and try again.


  5. This picture conveys the message of anything can happen in life, there is no stopping that, but it’s all about keeping the determination and focus up to keep learning and growing mentally. My definition of success is achieving one’s goal by the use of hard work and determination. What success means to me is putting forth all my best effort to make my dream turn into reality. If I don’t succeed at something, I would definitely stress about it because I felt like I didn’t put in my best effort and I would look for many ways to help improve myself and to get to where I really want to be.


  6. Please answer the questions below based on this photo.

    1. What does this picture mean to you? This picture means to me that success is a pebble road and to get their is to work harder.

    2. How do you define as success? Success is define as favorable termination of anything attempted. A thing or person achieving.

    3. What does success mean to you? Success is define to me as a way to keep going on in your life and you will reach it.

    4. If you don’t succeed at something what do you do? If don’t succeed in anything I keep going or I do something different. That’s how I see success!


  7. well I guess I think success means you finish the thing you are doing like when you are doing a HW and when you finish it you feel complete, or when you do anything you feel complete. I guess what the picture means is that is more to always be done your never done with anything , there with always be more to do. if you don’t succeed on the thing you are doing , you can practice and keep on it till you think you got it.


  8. I suppose that this picture is trying to tell us that success is hard to get to. A success, to me, means that you accomplished the goal that you set out to do. If I don’t succeed it means I didn’t try hard enough, and I need to get back up and try again.


  9. This picture means me that the road to success is always under construction is that we will always face obstacles and challenges in our lives that we will have to overcome. Success means achieving a goal that you work for or accomplishing something that you care for. What success means to me is something that i worked on over time and finally accomplished it. Success is something that i had to put time , effort and dedication in to it and at the end it all payed off.
    If i don’t succeed at something i worked for i would either get back up and work again to achieve it or move on if it was a one shot thing. My mind set is to keep working no matter how long it takes or how hard it is. I was never raised up to give up or quit in life.


  10. We are only ever a work in progress… each step along the way an opportunity for a new beginning, never to be fully finished.


  11. I think this picture means that we will always be building our path to the future that we want to achieve. I think success means that we have accomplished what we set out in life and that we are happy with what we are doing. Success means happiness and helping multiple people in my life and being independent. If I don’t succeed at something I try and work at it and if not I take a break think about it, try again ,and repeat the process if I fail again.


  12. 1. This picture along with the words with it are indirectly stating that the path to success is a constant process. This path to success is being worked on constantly, in the hopes of achieving total success.

    2. I define success for a person as an individual whom has worked in order to put him/herself and possibly a husband/wife and children in a stable, steady environment, free of worries.

    3. To me success is all about responsibility, of course it is always nice to have some extra money and everything, but someone who gets the job done by any means necessary would qualify as my definition of success.

    4. In the event you attempt something, yet fail to succeed you initially try over and over again, and if that doesn’t work a person should utilize different methods in order to get the job done or in other words reach some level of success.


  13. This pictures shows about the building up of the people who is successful in life that they work hard to follow their dreams to get to their main point of what they want to be in their future.

    As being success is by working hard to their dreams and to get a better life choice in their future who keeps on building up their momentum.

    If I don’t succeed on something then I have to keep on working more harder until I get that success.


  14. 1. The picture shows us that every success is a result of hardworking. It takes a lot of efforts to success.

    2. I’d define success as the result after hardworking and you have won over your mistakes.

    3. For me success is achieving one’s dream.

    4. Try more harder.


  15. 1- Your amount or level of success always changes.
    2-The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
    3- Success- Completing, or in the process of completing an area you have worked on, or currently working on.
    4-Fail at it again. Then you practice it over and over again, until you get success in that area.


  16. 1. the picture has some type of meaning. you are always working to succeed, the working is the construction part.
    2. I define success by working to your best abilities to achieve your goals.
    3. Success means to giving your all into everything you do.
    4. If I don’t succeed I continue to try until I reach the level of success.


  17. The picture is trying to say that the road for to success is always being work on by you. In order to be successful you always have to be grinding out the work that needs to be done. As soon as you’re done fixing the road, you’ll have perfect path to walk on with being successful. I define success on some that has money. I never quit in when I can do something. I try to figure out until it is done.


  18. 1.To me this picture is accurate because no matter what you do, there is always something more that needs to be done.

    2. Success doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re rich you’re successful. You choose what it is to be successful, its all the matter of your own personal opinion.

    3.Success to me is that I am happy with who I am as a person and satisfied with the way my life is headed.

    4. If you don’t succeed, you have to keep on trying. Its about the determination and will power within yourself to become who you want to be.


  19. What this picture means to me is that, a path to success is never set in stone. Every plan changes. Different obstacles get thrown at us like a ball during a game of Dodge ball. I define success, as being able to be confident with where you are now and far you have gone, able to provide for your family and have a stable lifestyle. If I don’t succeed at something yes I get frustrated and tend to put myself down. That is for me to look for another path to take to succeed.


  20. this picture is trying to give us the message that when you succeed that is when you are done with your path. in my opinion success isn’t until you reach your goal. success to me means to achieve my goals and be able to maintain myself. If I don’t succeed I would just set a different goal and try to make it a reality.


  21. 1. what this picture means is you go through obstacles in life in order to succeed.
    2. how I define success is accomplishing goals you set for yourself to complete.
    3. what success means to me is being able to defeat all the barriers in your life and having a strong outcome of this.
    4. if you don’t succeed in something I believe you should take a risk and do it again until you succeed. in all my life my motto was this quote, to learn to succeed, you must first learn to succeed. – Michael Jordan


  22. To me, this picture means that there’s never a concrete path down the road to success. You live and learn and it’s what creates the construction that goes on, because we still continue to plan out new ideas, new ways to achieve greatness, and to forever go off our plateau that we become so comfortable with. How I can define success is basically just never give and never back down from any challenge life puts you through, no matter how tough or easy it may be, you just gotta keep swimming (finding nemo reference). Success means to me that nothing stays the same, life keeps moving, and we gotta keep on going or else we will continue to live through our comfort zone. Success goes on at a different pace for everybody nothing is easy, and nothing is truly hard unless you keep telling yourself “no” or “I can’t do this and that”. With that said you cannot give up no matter the circumstance. If you don’t succeed keep on trying because you’ll never learn if you give up easily. Just go with the flow, be like water my friends.


  23. The road of being a successful person in the future that you want do in your life. I define success as being a person to achieve their dreams. What it means to me is wanting to have a career to work and enjoy everyday in my life. What do you do when you don’t succeed, find a another career that you want to enjoy.


  24. 1. For me it’s pretty much an image that depicts an Analogy of the path that leads us students to success.

    2. Manage to accomplish a purpose.

    3. It means achieving goals that you consider valuable, important in life.

    4. I never give up, I’ll start to reflex on what I have done wrong during my journey. That said, I’ll avoid future fails.


  25. 1. It means someone passed their graphic design course. Nice font there, Billy. But yeah, success seems to be a broken stepladder that you keep using despite all the messed up steps. Eventually you buy a new stepladder or you keep the old one around.
    2. Success means achieving a goal. It can be a minor one like passing a college class or a major one like being a super star celebrity. But for most people, success means getting to the goal that’s closest to your goal or settling for a smaller goal that’s more achievable.
    3. Success would be accomplishing any of my smaller goals in life. Success doesn’t mean you get everything but you establish a better or more comfortable position in life. It’s all really subjective. I’ll only be successful when I get all of my dumb life goals done.
    4. You look at it in another way or find another way to fulfill that role. I don’t think I’d be great at acting, but I’d be fine with now directing or with writing a script for a movie. If I can’t accomplish that with people, I’ll animate that stuff. It’s all about back up plans. Eggs in multiple baskets.


  26. Success is the accomplishment of a goal or dream that will always be undergoing construction. Even once we have achieved it, we continue to build upon it like an empire. Success to me is a word that I have constantly heard replaying in the background of my childhood. But what is success really? It’s something we strive for, we work hard and bleed it into our hopes and dreams. Success is the future of what we really want, and at times need. It is the dream at night that keeps our low hearts high. Success however is something that you can gain with a little bit of effort but it’s not quite so easy to keep. If one does not succeed at something, you must realize that in the end, we are all trying to reach goals of insurmountable heights, if we fall from this mountain, we must dust off the shame and humility, (or hell even embrace it) and keep climbing till you have reached the dream known as success.


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