What is the Best Form of Government, Pt II

You’ve thought about and written about your own personal opinions regarding government.

We’ll now do the same thing, but in small groups.

I’m going to put you in random groups, and you will determine what form of government you would adopt for your particular group.  Remember to choose a name for your group (The Republic of Montrose, or something like that).  Decisions about what your form of government should be must be unanimous.

Below, I’m going to post the name of your group.  Please reply to the name of your group regarding the process and your thoughts about your final choice.


12 thoughts on “What is the Best Form of Government, Pt II

    1. Communist Republic Democracy.
      27 rule the government, elected by the people. People can vote at age 16.
      All rule 6 years per term. You can have 2 terms. If you are elected again, you are set for life. You can run at age 27.
      We harvest rice and only rice. Our livestock will be chickens and goats.
      Everyone serves the army for a minimum of 2 years at 18. Children are trained partially in school from the age of 6.
      We speak English because we speak it. Everyone learns a type of sign language that is designed to be understood by Viclandia citizens only.
      Food is distributed weekly by volunteers in trucks. Food amount is dependent on the size of household.
      We have a point system. You get 15,000 points for contributions to society ( work would 12 hours of work to get the 15,000) Army is 4 million points in total.


    1. I am the king of education so I can be in charge of all the schools and make sure our people got there education and know what there doing and talking about.i can teach all the subjects so our people can make it in life and will be the most intellect people in the world. education is our life in everything we do at work or when were home cooking or when were driving, we use education in everyday in life so that is why i make sure our school have the best teachers that know what there talking about.


    2. I am the best of being the top four rulers because I would make sure that their will be no tolerance of criminal activities. I am also the best ruler because I will make the military the most deadliest and feared army throughout the globe. I will teach all fourkingans how to protect their them self’s at all times. I would not take any disrespect or talk of war from no other country. I will always give the people a chance to speak their minds and give their opinions. I will do what ever it takes to make my people happy and my country full of joy. My people will not have fear in their heart of fear of death. My wealth will be spread evenly throughout the people of four kings. I will treat my people with love just like I would treat my own children, but I would also discipline them like I would my children. I would die for my children, people and what my country stands for. Before I die the country of four kings will not be messed with. All hale king Atterberry from the four kings would be the praise and anthem after my death.


    3. I am the most fit for King in my particular area because I will efficiently handle everything of or relating to agriculture. I plan to do this by utilizing the river conveniently located on my portion of the country. I will use non-harmful pesticides to assure that the insects don’t get a hold of my good ripe fruits and vegetables. I’m going to be a wizard of agriculture, a farmer decades ahead of my time. The other Kings will benefit from seeds I plant, which will in time grow to mangos, oranges, bananas, etc.. Without me all those kings would just die! So not yet, but soon I will demand more land >:) The people of the land will love me the most because I am the youngest of the 4 kings, therefore relate to our people more so than any of the other rulers. We will live in a moist area, an area where rain is common, yet overall there is beautiful, sunny weather year round. My tireless efforts keep the country running alive and well. Since the food is all from the ground, 100% of it will be healthy leading to longer, happier lives. I will eventually cheat the system and artificially produce some of these fruits, then export those same fruits to other countries. In turn leading to an increase in our country’s economy’s success.


    4. I am the king of economy by making my following people employed in making new projects for our country. We would have our four portions of our country to import and export materials and produce our own raw materials. We would also provide money or materials needed to the military, education, agriculture departments which would help us earn more money for our country and that will also improve our economy. With more money we can improve the value of our currency.


  1. Country: Italy (The Parliamentary Democracy of Italy)
    Government: Pantisocracy and physiocracy
    Explanation why: This gives equal rights to every race/sex. Everyone has basic rights and freedom.
    Laws: Same Pay for everyone no matter the race or sex. No illegal, or harmful drugs, prescription drugs only. You have to be 18 years old to vote and drink. No judgement on economic status (high class, middle class, low class/poor). Everyone has education-jobs even the low class. Have to go to school for years: grade school, high school. Optional: college, if you don’t go to college you can be have a job in the army (after 2 years of training, if you didn’t have any army/ROTC experiences.), garbage services, janitor, fast food worker, etc.


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