Daily Blog Post, Day 15 (Wednesday, July 15)


What do you think this is?  Why?  What’s going on here?


34 thoughts on “Daily Blog Post, Day 15 (Wednesday, July 15)

  1. This looks like there is a honey comb or a beehive inside this box thing. I think this cause if you look close enough you can kind of see honeycomb spots and something in side of them so possibly larva. Im not too sure what is going on here.


  2. It looks like it might be modern art to me. I think this because it doesn’t really look like anything, but it still looks artistic, in a way. I think this is an art show of things that look like they might belong in nature


  3. Some sort of monster that hasn’t been develop for the world to see yet. I don’t know but, that’s my guest. Someone took a picture of it; it looks like its in a museum.


  4. This looks like a the inside of a beehive. You can see if you look close enough there are honeycombs and looks like something is inside the honeycombs too maybe larva. And im not too sure what is going on here.


  5. I have no definite answer, but if I had to provide one I would say that the object/creature above is in some way, shape, or form related to bees and their beehives. That’s the only logical explanation I see behind the color, the net, and the tiny little insect holes all throughout it. I don’t believe there is anything going on here, I don’t necessarily see any movement being conveyed through the image.


  6. This is a beehive. Scientists wanted to see how bees build there hive structures so they made this clear box with a hole in it and sticks which they build there hive upon.


  7. It looks like a honey comb. Honey combs look like the yellow stuff inside the pentagon box It looks like it’s even sitting on one of those boxes where they keep bees. I wonder if it was naturally made by bees. That would be cool. They probably put the hole on top of the bee box and open it up for the bees to hang out in there. I’d really like a time lapse of the art.


  8. It looks weird. It can pass as honey. It can pass as a fruit. It can pass as a sea creature. It can pass as something that is trapped. It just looks stuck.


  9. What do you think this is? It looks like something from the sea. Or I can think that it is from a sci-fi move.

    Why? Why do I think that this thing come from the sea, Because! I like things that come from the water object that come the sea looks very creative what our oceans can tell us about life.
    But then again. I said sci-fi move because like things that look like it can come from Sci-Fi world. I like to look at things that are creative anyway.

    What’s going on here? It looks like it is trying to escape from what it’s trap in right about now.


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