Richard Blanco’s America


Richard Blanco’s America


7 thoughts on “Richard Blanco’s America

  1. The poem by Richard Blanco was amazing because he expressed his obstacles and challenges through a poem when most people write books and tell their story. He told his whole story through a couple of sentences and made the listeners feel his emotion through the poem.


  2. I liked the poem. It reminded me of my Thanksgivings. We celebrate it like most Americans with a turkey, a pie sometimes, mashed potatoes, and such. But for Christmas, no Christmas ham or anything. We can’t eat meat on Christmas eve, at the very least fish. While Thanksgiving has the set guidelines of a turkey and other such dishes, I never knew what was required of an American Christmas. But I admire that Blanco wanted to try to be American for a holiday and it fell apart. The desire to try new things and break tradition to be part of the American tradition is almost heart breaking as it fails to be accepted by his relatives. I wonder if Blanco celebrates the same way now.


  3. The poem is very well written, and he’s able to use two languages in one poem. He used the poem to describe his life from ground up.


  4. By reading this poem, it made me realize that even though this is America, everyone (natives/foreigners) have their own specific traditions/customs. Even though they try to tweak it a little bit it will always be hard for them because they are not used to it, they are used to their customs in which they were brought up with and that will always be with them forever. For example, the author explains how the family have a difficult time adapting to change where as in the story it was with Thanksgiving dinner. They are used to their own and they find it hard to adapt to the American way of celebrating Thanksgiving.


  5. This is all so true its just about an immigrant family trying to fit in America and not look like the foreigners. The family had their way of celebrating certain holidays but them seeing how the American families celebrate drove them to change their customs even if they don’t like the new customs. Then the family is trying to get used to the new environment.


  6. the poem is good because the poem give us a very important messages for all people that live in us, and different country’s, and with different nationality.


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