Blog Race!

Let’s imagine a different kind of imprisonment.

We’ll do a ‘blog race that starts with the following phrase:

When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside.


36 thoughts on “Blog Race!

  1. Its like being in a movie from 1408 and the actor playing in that movie was John Cusack. I would literally freak out and find a way to get out of the room. But, yet again simply just do nothing thinking that if it was like a punishment or some kind of game from the movies series of the film, Saw.


  2. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the inside. Then I thought to my self what happened last night. Did some one slip me something in my water or did I get hit with a tranquilizer by a tactical sniper. But this doesn’t matter to Jose Hernandez cause I’m going to get out of here. First things first I check my pocket and I have an RPG in there don’t ask how and why but its there. I fire the RPG at what appears to be the door but nothing it doesn’t budge. But then I remember my giant eagle that can poop out tactical nukes so I blow into this flute that was also in my pocket and bam the eagles poops a nuke at the door and I’m free. I hop on the eagles back and we fly away into the sunset ready for our next adventure.


  3. when I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. The windows were nailed shut from top to bottom. I look at my arms and it is was shackled with chains. The door had an opening for a key but the key was hidden away with the guard. I tried to break the shackles away but I had to find a shard or anything to break it. I started to panic and I eventually blacked out and I woke up to find a note listing instructions to do.


  4. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. Actually, this happens quite often. It’s actually not that bad. My room is in the basement. The way to go to my room is by going to the computer room(also toy room) which leads you to the stairs. I have a munchkin in the “little terrible twos” year old. To avoid him ever being unsupervised by the stairs, there’s a little chain lock above the door knob on the outside of the door. It is always chained up for them top since he is able to reach the door knob. Many times, if I wake up late, I’m stuck inside from the outside. I have to call someone to open to the door for me. The worst part is when no one is actually home and I’m stuck. It’s a habit. I rather be stuck on the inside from the outside than have a scare of with Jax ever falling down the stairs. I hate it sometimes, but it’s worth it.


    1. I like your story being realistic. Your only fear of being trapped down there is leaving it and your child falling down the stairs.


    2. ah, a real life situation.. I feel bad you can relate to this but hey anything to keep him from falling or getting hurt in any way. shows you’re will to trap yourself for his own safety. nice


  5. Somebody locking me inside the room from the outside makes me feel so very worried and afraid if the house would be empty with nobody inside the house. One thing I would do to get out either climb out the window or find something really hard and sharp to break the door down. With the feeling inside the room stuck all day would make me feel like I’m inside in a horror movie with no survival around me to escape and I know I’m so done with my life and I know I’m in great trouble with skipping a heart beat.


  6. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. When I got up it was dark, I couldn’t see a thing. I was in panic not knowing why I was in here or how I even got here. I couldn’t remember a thing, but only that I was walking to my car and that was it. There was a little window in the room that I was about the size of my head. I looked out to see if I could familiarize the area I was in, but I saw nothing but an open field.

    I thought to myself why I could have been captured and being placed here? I didn’t do anything wrong to anyone at least I don’t believe so. I tried looking for things inside the room I could use to get out, still there was nothing.

    I could see a little light through the key of the door. I looked through to see if whoever captured me was there. I saw a tall bearded man with a cap on just standing there facing the door as if he was looking straight into my eye, like if he knew I was looking through the keyhole. He laughed slightly, more like a chuckle but the with a raspy voice as if he smoked cigarettes regularly.

    I have been here for 2 hours and it feels like its been 2 weeks. Me being in a small room is going to put my mind in the brink of insanity and I think that’s what he wants.

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  7. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. I notice that there is no way to get out, But there might be way If I sit here and do nothing. All hail the magic Conch! I look around with excitement knowing I will be rescued soon. I know I will be rescued do to the fact that I have to be rescued.

    127 hours has passed, it was pretty uneventful.
    128 hours has passed, still uneventful.
    129 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    130 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    131 hours has passed, and still uneventful.

    Boredom is consuming me, I need to be saved.
    132 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    133 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    134 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    135 hours has passed, and still uneventful.

    Not Much has changed I am still sitting here doing nothing.
    136 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    137 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    138 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    140 hours has passed, and still uneventful.

    Please magic Conch don’t fail me now.
    141 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    142 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    143 hours has passed I think I heard something move.
    144 hours has passed, and still uneventful.

    I am starting to think no one is coming.
    145 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    146 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    147 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    148 hours has passed, and still uneventful.

    As I sit here doing nothing as commanded by the Conch, I start to feel dizzy. I am not liking this feeling of being alone, I cant die here alone.
    150 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    151 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    152 hours has passed, and still uneventful.

    “mm is there away out of here?””s anyone even looking for me ?”
    153 hours has passed, and still uneventful.
    I truly need to get up and move, but I have been sitting here for so long I cannot feel my legs.
    This is it for me.


  8. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the inside. Immediately would turn into a super saiyan and bust the door open. Once the door is open, there will be 124 monsters and I will fight them all. As I punch one I can feel the crack of their bones. After killing them all I realize that there is more than just 124 monsters. when I got out od the house. It was a house on top of a mountain with snow as far as the eye can see. The ground trembled. I thought it was a mini earthquake so I barely hovered over the ground so I wouldn’t feel the tremble. “Rahhhhhh” it was just a very hysteric roar. It was a huge monster. It must have been as tall as 180 feet, ugly, hairy, with white fur. It licked it’s lips like if I would make a delicious dinner for it. At that time I knew super saiyan was not going to be enough to defeat this horrible monster. As I tried to transform into something more powerful, it’s hand hit me throwing me into a nearby tree. The monster hit me soo hard that I ended up breaking the tree. “ouch! that really hurt!” it was running towards me and I tried to avoid it by using instant transmission. I teleporting to somewhere were he couldn’t see me. I knew this was going to be over in a matter of second if I transformed to an ascended super saiyan or what they call a super saiyan 2. As I begin to transform the trees started to blow away from me, snow started to melt as the power I was gaining was too overwhelming. The day turned into darkness all of sudden. The dark cloud started to rumble, Lighting everywhere, thunder noises. The lighting will hit trees causing them to fall. At last I transformed. I went up to the monster and got it’s attention. I flew towards it as fast as I can that I penetrated through his body where his heart is. I was covered all over with blood. Then the soulless monster started to fall and hit the ground. as it hit the ground I smiled then,…. I woke up. This was a dream that I was having a dream if that makes any sense. Now to go eat breakfast.


  9. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. I felt like I was in a prison and no matter how hard I screamed for help no one was able to listen. A guy was at the outside, who is my brother, had the key to unlock but he was killed by the alien squads that were invading the earth. The guy that got killed was left only the dead body and everything was taken away. Up until the next day, I had enough courage to try to go outside after the alien squads had gone to another region outside of America. It took them roughly 22 hours to kill all the people in the entire area and I honestly thought that there would be some left overs alive people just like me. I couldn’t had been so wrong, I ran from one house to another and screamed my neighbors names loudly but no responses. I decided to run to the gym to see if my trainers were there and only one trainer was there but he had been paralyzed and could not do anything. I regrettably left him and continue to ran to the high school near the area and all the kids were taken away so were the teachers. I was very frustrated and I ran back to home. On the way home I found a bicycle and gladly ride it as I thought a bike would have been handy for me in such circumstance. After reaching home. I heard a mega blast sound outside and I had never been so scared that I ran down to the basement and hid there in a secret room ,that me and brother made together last year. The next day, I drank all the milk and ate all the bagels as I geared up for another surviving day. Once I stepped one step outside the door I was knocked and……………then I truly woke up and realized I had been sleep for an excess of 12 hours and then realized that I had to prepare for school.


  10. When I woke up I was in a room locked from the outside no way to get out afraid that I would never be able to get out. The key was outside and there was no window in the room that I could climb out off. I tried to see if there was any thing that I could use to pick the lock with. I looked every where and there is nothing that could use. The rooms walls was made of tile and so I thought well ill break the tile and see if I could yell through the drywall to try to see if some one could hear me. So I try kicking the wall BANG! BOOM! IT NOT WORKING ! I am screaming
    HELP HELP !! so I try to pick at the title to pull the tiles off one by one.

    It seems like its not doing anything at all. I start to get worried and my voice is starting to go away from yelling so much. It has been hours after hours of me yelling at the top of lungs. I start to get mad WHY CANT ANY ONE HEAR ME !!! I started to kick and run into the door. Still Iam feeling hopeless. After the second day and 28 hours later of yelling and banging on the walls still nothing intill my friend comes to the door and im kicking it and I fly right through the door. What kind of prank was that !! I AM KILL YOU…….


  11. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside, the floor was damp, and the scent of rotting roses wafted up into my nose. My vision is blurry, and my head feels groggy, the room is hot and my hair sticking to my forehead. I inhale deeply the scent of death as the bright white light falls upon me. As if I needed more heat. I’m dying is what I think, or am I dead? The floor is the only cool part of the room that I have, cracked and broken, concrete. I get up and feel the pain of my broken ribs, the taste of blood crashing back into my memory. The wallpaper is yellow and fading, I hear a ticking noise off into the dark distance-
    My lips chapped and dry, in the dark distance of that room I see a figure.
    I feel as if I have seen them before.
    “Welcome,” said a deep voice.
    “Who are you?” I croaked.
    “You need not know who I am, But I knew you once.” said the voice.
    I felt something in the pit of my stomach, as if this voice had soothed me once.


  12. ahhhhh!!!!!! let me out let me out , crying the whole time I am out hoping someone would hear me, there is no windows and there is only one door, so I keep knocking on the door hoping who ever put me there would answer the door would answer the door. there is no bed and its so dark here so I want out so much I want to get out of here but I only hear the water drip… drip… drip … drip… and I hear the mouse scramming around and I am so scared of being here, I don’t know what to do. I just going to fall asleep and die while I and waiting for help.


  13. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. I tried to get up from my bed only to find that I was tied to bed. What is this madness? I tried to untie myself and I did. then to find that my ankles was chained to the bed. As I was trying to break free I hear footsteps. More like stomps. As if there was an elephant walking outside of the door of wherever I was. Then the steps were getting louder by the second. Then it stopped. The doorknob was shaking as if someone was struggling to open the door. As it opened there it was. The face of the hideous monster who im guessing brought me to this room to torture me. Its a clown. My biggest fear. I cried from the horror. As it walked slowly to me I noticed its hands were behind its back as if holding something. As i still cried. It came closer and closer. It was a kitchen knife. In one hand and a rose in the other. He said” I have two choices. Either you be my friend then marry me by the end of the month or die.” I said ” Never will I marry a hideous monster like you.” “He said “Oh my dear. You would have been happy with me. You chose the wrong option.” In a second. Split second my life was gone. He slit my throat, then stabbed my heart.
    Never trust clowns.


  14. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. There were no windows. There were no doors except a single grey door opposite the small, narrow bed I had been sleeping in. I looked down at myself and saw that I was wearing a suit of armor.

    What could possibly have happened? Why was I in here? Why was I wearing a suit of armor? Most importantly, when was I going to get lunch?

    I clunked out of bed in my suit of armor and walked around the room, clanking all the way. When I got to the wall, I ran my gauntleted hand against the wall. The metal screeched as I scraped. I touched the wall and realized that there were little cracks in the wall. Could this be a way out? I pressed my finger at the wall cracks and pieces of the wall began to break off. The cracks got bigger and began to form a rectangle. On one side of the cracks, it was brick, but on the other side it was just concrete. These cracks were the outlines of windows.

    Someone had filled in windows and painted them over. I ripped at the concrete with my metal hands, and they crumbled. The old window glass was dusty behind the gray material. I punched it out, and as I did I could see that the room I was in was high up above the city of Chicago. What could this be?

    I tore at more of the window, until it was big enough to fit through. I climbed up onto the sill, and realized that I could stand in the window and get a better look outside.

    The room I was in was at the top of a high rise, and in the air beyond the high rise was a man wearing glasses, a t-shirt, shorts, and a shower curtain tied up to look like a cape and riding an elaborate flying bicycle. On his t-shirt was a green, evil looking Z.

    “Who are you?” I asked.

    “What do you mean, who are you?” he snarled. “You are Wright Man, hero of Wright College.”

    “Who are you then?” I wondered.

    “I am the Great ZRich, enemy of fun and students.”

    “Wait— Does that mean I’m a superhero?”

    “Great job, genius. Yes, you’re a superhero.”

    I looked down at the suit of armor. It wasn’t a suit of armor like a knight would wear. It was a suit like Iron Man would wear. It was blue and gold with a big W on the chest. I am Wright Man!

    I took a step off the window and began to fall.

    “What did you think, Wright Man?” asked ZRich as I fell. “Did you think you could fly too?!”


  15. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. I knew this because I spent 5 minutes screaming and trying to open the door. After the 5 minute crying and screaming attack, I realized I should actually figure out what I had on me. I had my phone but no use, since there wasn’t a single signal to be found in the room. I cursed myself for having T-Mobile and regretted not having a better plan.
    I realized the room wasn’t a blank slate. I had a table, a couch, a lamp, a potted plant and a bookshelf. There was also a coffee table and it appeared to have a mug on it. It looked as if someone had found an Ikea magazine cover and made an exact replica of it. The mug was empty of course but it made me realize I could really go for some sustenance right now.
    Instantly the mug was filled with a clear liquid; water. But it didn’t taste like real water straight from the Chicago River as I was used to. It was the least Earthy water I ever had. It was like a description of water. I still drank since the screaming had hurt my throat and I needed more tear fuel.
    I wondered if it could make other beverages and I found myself creating random beverages from the cup. From milk, to coffee, to hot chocolate, to vodka (I regret doing that since I ended up spitting it out almost immediately), to a comforting Pepsi knock off. I even conjured a pancake inside of the mug. The cup seemed to clean itself instantly as another product got into it so I didn’t have Pepsi flavored pancake residue.
    I decided that the mug was my most valuable item in this room and proceeded to look at the other things to see if everything else was like the mug in terms of summoning things related to them. The book shelf had a single book but as soon as I felt like reading a random comic book I had at my old home, it appeared on the pages of the book. It didn’t seem like there were many pages in the book, but the book would fill itself with the contents of the book.
    I found myself amused with that and desired to show this book to someone but I was found with nobody in here. I was alone in here. Locked. Somewhere.
    I remembered my purpose again; to get out of this makeshift prison. I stood on top of the table to get an idea of the view of the room. Perhaps there would be a crack of reality or the outside from there. You could always find a secret entrances in video games.
    The room was sealed in better than a comic book in a plastic bag. I then began to wonder how oxygen was even getting into the room.
    I started trying to move furniture around but quickly came to realize that it would not budge, much like the door. All the accessories on the furniture could be moved but I could never move this couch to block anything. Smart.
    I was beginning to think that I would never get out of there when an ear perching screech began to fill the room. It was so loud I threw myself on the couch in hopes of protecting at least one of my ears from the screeching.
    I looked towards the door and saw the screeching was coming from the door opening. It wasn’t opening like a typical earth door but much like in Star Trek. I was beginning to think that maybe I wasn’t on Earth at all.
    The thing that came out was brighter than anything I had ever seen. I instinctively covered my eyes since I’d prefer to be deaf than blind.
    I felt the heat and the pain leave and decided I could probably look at whoever this was without instantly being blind.


    1. Great length and great quality. Love the word choice and how you kept reader interested. Felt like I was there. Especially hitting home with the part about not having signal with T-Mobile. Haha.


  16. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. And
    I am like well I can’t do nothing might as will live here and die. Or if
    someone the beat them up and run like hell..


  17. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside
    I didn’t know where I was I was looking everywhere, all I saw was walls with
    no windows. I was pretty scared I didn’t know how or who brought me here.
    I was paranoid because from all the scary movies I seen I was really scared thought something bad was about to happen. All I remember was walking with my friends to this
    park at 11 at night.The room was cold I was very hungry.
    A few hours later I heard a noise I didn’t know what to do. Anyways this man was coming towards me I was freaking out he was walking with one of my friends. My friend didn’t look so good like if she wasn’t conscious of what she was doing. Then the guy had told me I won tickets to Disneyworld in a very strange way I was like what? this can’t be true then why lock me inside a room. From there the man forced me to drink this nasty drink. From there I woke up after 12 hours with out knowing what happen.


  18. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. I was hanging upside down from a rope on the ceiling, it was cold and smelled of dirty iron and old blood. “Where am I”? I have no recognition of coming near this strange place, it was dark and the only source of light came from the other room; it flickers, as if the life of that bulb was being drained by a stronger source of energy. My vision was still weary, I hear the sound of plastic crimp as it brushes against my body. *GASP* it’s a dead person inside a body bag, I start to freak out and try thinking of a way to get free. I was too weak to pull myself upward and untie it; there was a knife on the chair a few feet away from me. Ideas arose in my head on what to do with the knife. “I need to get the f*#% outta here!” “I have to try and stay calm”, I said to myself. So I decided to use the momentum of my body to grab the blade, and after a few swings I finally got it. I needed to muster up more strength to cut myself free, and as I started doing so I heard chains or something sharp shake and scrape against the floor. It was too close now…. I knew my life would end right here, but then I remembered I had a blade! So this wasn’t going to be an issue. Frantically, I continued to hurry and cut the rope around my ankles. Locks on the door started to come undone, “hurry up” I said to myself. “Hurry uuupp!” at this point my adrenaline was going through the roof, then I dropped to the floor like a log falling to the ground, the door opens..
    It smelled of burning flesh and sweat from the heat from the summer days, Heavy breathing filled the room. I stayed quite, “I knew it..” “this guy has a really big axe”. I was done for, no way I would’ve killed this guy with a small bowie knife. A tin can fell beside me and the large man turned and shined a light towards my direction, “oh f%8#!” he saw me, and I ran out the door, the floors shook behind me. He was gaining speed…I tripped over a random severed arm on the floor and I turned around….


    1. and he had disappeared…. serene noise of an old juke box came about the hallway, it made me curious so I went after where it was coming from. BANG!, a log came rushing down from the ceiling and slammed me ten feet back down the hallway. I was dazed like hell and saw myself being dragged back to the room leaving a trail of blood.


  19. !!!!!!When I woke I was locked in a room with no way out I started to think about how the rest of my life would be. How I would live where would I get food from what would I drink.
    Then I started to think how I would feel cold warm would the weather change in here would I see the sun again would it get dark…..
    Then I started to see the good things from being stuck in here and I wanted to be happy but I couldn’t be happy I was going crazy I had a watch and I kept looking at the time and it kept getting slower and slower. I thought about several things and then thought about nothing but the fact that I would never see anyone ever again and I couldn’t stand the fact that I was alone I wanted to end my life but there was no way to simply just kill my self I didn’t have anything to kill my self with then I realized that I was going through the phases and I then went through the phase of denial and started to tell my self that I wasn’t in here and alone and that there would be someone to come and get me. Then I started to think of way to get out cause there had to be away to get


  20. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside,
    I felt like the world was going to end
    But not just any world…my world
    My heart is acing and I can’t breathe
    This heartbreak is as if I was imprisoned
    I feel alone, scared
    Scared that I will never be loved
    And if I do and I feel happy it will never last
    I’m trapped inside my hear, inside my emotions and love
    Just like a bird trapped in a cage facing the window I look out the gap of happiness and love and see others as happy as I wish I was.
    I’m trapped in a room locked from the outside waiting for the one with the right key and let me free.


  21. “The hell?” My mind yelled at me. I found myself struggling between those surrounding 4 walls, trying to reveal why was I locked. Yelling for help would be useless, so I felt exhausted and started to pay attention to what surrounded me, as in fact, I never stared too much at something before like when I stared at the whole atmosphere of the cell


  22. When I woke up, I was inside a room locked from the outside. The door was build of worn down, or fragile wood. This room had no windows and no vents. But there was a whole in the middle of the room on the floor. The whole looks endless, but I hear water at the bottom of it. Next to me is duck tape, a ak47 with ammo, and goggles.
    I hear a ticking sound on the other side of the door. I use these goggles and I see a bomb that says 1 minute and 30 seconds. Its also tied to a long string of dynamite for the whole place to blow.
    I take the gun and ammo and duck tape. I jump down the whole risking my life… I hear the building I just jumped out of, blow up into flames. I end up in a river that’s really deep. I have survived the jump. I see the ak47 floating some reason, and the duck tape is in my hand. I also notice the tape says 1000 meters long.
    Then I notice a dock four feet from me. I rap a bunch of duck tape over my hand again and again. Then I through it on the edge of the dock that loops around the pool of the dock. Next I pull my self near the dock. I pull my self up on the dock, and my body hurts in pain because I have a burn on my lower abs.
    But I push through the aching pain of the burn that came from the bomb explosion. I run towards the shore at the end of the dock. I realize I’m at the start of a long maze, probably with a bunch of deadly traps……………..


  23. When I woke up! I was inside a room locked from the outside. I’m scare and feel like their no where I can go. What should I do about this no brainer? Should I fine someone to help me? Or should I fine my own way. For right now I am thinking about something that my help me get out of this mess. Or chose to wait for someone to come back to help me in the long run. But I have to fine a way to out of this box. If I don’t fine away out this mess it can in up kind of like a freak show. It is freaking me out, its becoming to look like a scan from a horror movie.


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