Daily Blog Post, Day 17 (Monday, July 20, 2015)

Think of an invention or business that you think would be interesting and profitable.  Imagine that we (the instructors, tutors, and Rich) are investors who are willing to give you up to $1 million to start your ideas.

 Here are the guidelines:

  • your business / invention should be original, or it should take an existing business/invention and change it in some significant way.
  • take evidence from your experience or the Internet, and use it to suggest why we should invest in it. 
  • Write in full sentences.
  • Write in paragraphs that have CLAIM-EVIDENCE-EXPLANATION (CLAIM-DATA-WARRANT) structure we discussed last week.

27 thoughts on “Daily Blog Post, Day 17 (Monday, July 20, 2015)

  1. I would like to support a charitable organization for people with needs in general. It will be non profit as well, and it will also look out in the interest for everyone with setbacks in their lives.


  2. a business that I would like to open up that seems interesting and profitable would be a big soul food restaurant on the north side of Chicago. The reason a business like this would be successful is because their are not no soul food or African-American restaurants on the north side which would make a lot of people come and be interested in it. people would want to invest in my business because it would have reasonable prices were almost any body could afford something to eat, in that cause it would bring a lot of customers.

    The reason why people would invest in my business because later on it would expand into mails or maybe I will even later on turn it in to my own food mail with all different culture foods like a asthenic fest at my old school we use to have.


  3. If I could stand before investors and pitch an idea it would have to be wind turbines attached to cars. Think about it! As you drive, these turbines spin, charging your car as you drive. Using less gas and eliminating ports where you have to charge your car. Of course this would only benefit electric cars but this could promote companies to manufacture more eco friendly cars.


  4. I would developed organization for different neighborhoods in Chicago, that face Gang violence and poverty to reduce the chances of young adults to choose to join a Gang.
    Also, a portion of the program would assist those children and young adult’s with scholarships for schools and help them with a safe environment to study to reach their goals in life without fear of violence. The program would focus on the needs of the children that would make them successful not only in school, but in life.


  5. My idea is for a computer is also a printer. No longer will you have to get up to get a paper, it’ll just print out the bottom. Whenever I’m working on a paper it’s always a pain to get up and walk across the room, usually I’ll get distracted and get out of the mindset of work. Not only will be useful in home offices, but also at work and in schools. Now I know you all want to invest immediately, but I ask that you all talk one at a time.


  6. I present to you the astro bat 5000. This bat is amazing it can hit you on to any base you want. It has four settings to single, double, triple or homerun. You may ask Jose isn’t that cheating, but I say if you aren’t cheating you aren’t trying. This bat will still be made of wood but we also make metal ones for those in the NCAA or high school and little league level. The price of the bat for wood is $1000 and for metal is $800.


  7. The invention I would like to present would be a hologram watch that once you press a button a human size hologram would appear. It can either be a woman or man. It will help you organize your life a bit easier like a calendar. If you need to talk to someone the hologram will also help you out too. It will be like a personal therapist. It would be like a regular touch screen watch, like the apple watch, and you can control when you can call the hologram whenever you need it. It can also order your food if you’re busy doing something else. Also for privacy reasons you have the option to make a real life size hologram or a mini one that’s about 6 inches tall or you can also get the one where the hologram will display his/her face on the screen. All these options will be available in one model and don’t need to buy separate models for different price.


  8. I would agree to set a tutoring program of English in Hispanic areas throughout the entire United States. But not just any program, It would be pretty much a low-profit fun interactive activity not just only for Hispanics in struggle, but for any individual that wishes to speak, write properly the demanding language English. Thus, encouraging our learners to join our team and help others in struggle, this way, creating a chain-reaction learning process.
    Throughout the years, thanks to this method, we would be capable of dominating English and getting more easily any job in the country for having a better future.


  9. national geographic is the best and my favorite business in the world and everyone love it cause they show things that have not been sense in the world and i love to make one just like theirs .


  10. I would like to invent an invention that a watch tells time hologram and water resistant.
    This invention will help with special scuba military squad to be able to communicate underwater and to be able to time the exact time of when survivor was found and any treasure was found. the product will be sold for 30$ and i want to invest in 6 million.


  11. If I was given a million dollars to create a new invention I would invest in turning a phone into a laptop but not literally I mean a in the form of touch projection.
    Where the phone projects the screen and keyboard and would also be your phone but you could go back and forth between the two functions.
    Many people have iphones or an android for a phone and with both you have the ability to type up a document or to take notes. What if you could do this with ease and not have to worry that you wont be able to pull up a document or that you want to play a video and you have it on your phone. This would allow the projection of that video or any video that you would like to look up on a screen and it would take the place of your old phone, your laptop, a projector if you had one, and would also allow for mobile gaming to evolve to a whole new level.
    This technology could also be used in offices for conferences, and collaboration purposes.


    1. yes, ill give Victor E. million dollars to create a new invention I would invest in turning a phone into a laptop. Why? Because I thought about the same thing too. This would allow the projection of that video or any video that you would like to look up on a screen and it would take the place of your old phone, your laptop, a projector if you had one, and would also allow for mobile gaming to evolve to a whole new level. This could be technology that can be use in offices and in the backyard of you home.


  12. I would like to support the company, or organizational behavior studies that impact individuals, groups and the way a living creature acts. And the reason of why is because I like the idea of help people that have problems culture, organization and industries. Because I think that this idea, and other ideas can help other people and supports other.


  13. Description of Invention: I would make a shot, and you get only one power per shot (first power you think of). If use them to create chaos, or to commit a crime. You’ll be contained into a jail, that takes away all your powers while your in the jail. There’s more then one jail (locations of jails are classified). If your to powerful and evil, and seem invincible, you will be terminated. (We have killed Superman, Goku’s evil twins) Shot is made of: mixture of dark matter, neurons, other elements that balance the dark matter, so it doesn’t kill anyone. Made by me.

    Pitch to Shark tank: Hey I’m Ryan, I would like to introduce you to Inhuman Shot. This shot gives you inhuman, or what we thought where Science fiction powers. This is $400 a shot. Like the type of shot you get from a doctor and there are no side effects. Yes you control whether, or not to use them! Sold these for the last three years, I got a total of $3 billion revenue. I have two of my close friends who have bought three shots, and have gotten the powers they wanted. My friend Joey has flying, teleporting, fire (friend shows them). My other friend Suzy has invisibility, water, going through walls (she shoes the powers). I want you to help me expand my business internaiolly, and you get half of the profit.


  14. I believes that culture is the set of habitual and traditional ways of thinking, feeling, and reaction in an organization. our culture, designed to uncover and define the current within an organization, site, division, or team, helping you define, understand, and ultimately manage your culture.


  15. Here are the guidelines:

    1. Your business: Broke Esp. Art Fashion Design that’s my business / the original invention is body soap and body oil. The existing change! The existing change will be in a significant way that the people will be please about the product and they feel good about the product.

    2. Well the evidence I can give is that the experience is one hell of a ride. If you ever start a business use the Internet because people around the world are using the internet, it will make your business visible and better adapted to the modern business stage. I will suggest that you invest in my business because it will make money in the future. Why? Body soap and body oil will be the new fragrance for the newer generation.

    3. Write in full sentences, Broke Esp. Art Fashion Design will be the new fragrance of body soap and body oil for the new generation.

    4. Write in paragraphs that have: The clam is that Broke Esp. Art Fashion Design will be very successful in the future. The evidence that I’ll show with product is free t-shirt with the body soap and body oil fragrance kit. By it being your first time paying for Broke Esp. Art Fashion Design fragrance kit. Yes there will be a warrant back on the merchandise you will pay for which is a $5.99 back guarantee.



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