Daily Blog Post, Day 18 (Tuesday, July 21)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  In 10 years?  In 20 years?  In 40 years?

What do you want to accomplish and why?

Answer in complete paragraphs (a total of 4).


24 thoughts on “Daily Blog Post, Day 18 (Tuesday, July 21)

  1. I see myself being a RN at a hospital in five years and being in the United States Air Force, working in the medical field. In 10 years I will still be in the Air force probability a very high rank. In 20 years I will start my own family and have a nice home for my family. Also, I will continue school to become a Nurse practitioner. I hope to save many lives and help many people.

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  2. In 5 years, I see myself proud. I see myself finishing my masters in Social Work and c0ntinuing the journey of my new career. I see myself finically fit. I’ll be happy.
    In 10 years, I really see myself finically fit. I’ll have my own house, maybe even my own family. I see myself feeling very comfortable in my career.
    In 20 years, woah. I feel old just thinking about that age, Everything will be taken care of at that point. My family and I will be fine. I’ll still be working. I’ll be the big boss by then. I can breathe and not have to worry about taking too many breathers to get through the day.
    In 40 years, I see myself retired. I’ll be at home. Spending time with people that matter. I wonder what my family would consist of at that time.
    I want to accomplish so much in life. I don’t even know all the things I want to accomplish. But I know I’ll achieve so much. I believe in myself because if I don’t no one else will. I’m more than a statistic.

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  3. Where do I see my self in five years? Five years from now I see my self halfway through my masters program at DePaul university. I have a great teaching job at a elementary school that I love. I am making a big difference in the lives of children I am teaching and I also am trying my best to have a positive impact on the community where I work and in the community where I live. I am an active Phi Theta Kappa ,TRiO, and One Million Degrees , alumni. Through these programs I am mentoring and giving back to my community. Ten years from now it will be 2025 and I have my P.H.D from DePaul university. I have opened two Early childhood centers and I am still teaching because I love my job and with my master’s degree I am financially stable. I will continue to expand my daycare center in order to provide a quality education program to young children and to give them and their parent a great first education experience.

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  4. Where do I see myself in five years? Around that time, I see myself driving around on my own, in my Junior year of Pharmacy school studying hard and eventually graduating from Pharmacy school. In ten years, I see myself working at Walgreens or CVS as a Pharmacist and having a family of my own. To be honest, I don’t know about 20 to 4o years because I cannot foresee that at this moment. I can only predict a couple of years from now, not two to four decades from now. Never know what life will throw in my path, so might as well it is better to take life one day at a time.
    What I really want to accomplish in life is to become a Pharmacist. I love helping people and making sure they live a happy and most importantly a healthy life. I have a passion for Science and I want to pursue a career that pertains to that subject.

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  5. In 5 years, hopefully I have graduated college with a set degree. If anything, I am employed full time. I will probably have a new dog but maybe not. I kind of like my current dog. I should be currently done with at least two novels. I have probably moved out of my parent’s house and rent a shabby apartment. I no longer keep in contact with my old high school friends. Maybe I will have a Facebook.

    10 years, my dog is definitely dead. Or not. Who knows how long your pets will live? I have probably found someone to date full time. At this point, I hope that we own a place together. I am probably thinking about kids or something. Perhaps I would be doing art/writing full time since I can support myself. But maybe I am stuck at the CVS full time and struggling to find time to write/draw. Who knows?

    20 years. It is highly likely my dog is dead. I will have to have some sort of offspring, directly related or not. I probably look pretty bad since Polish people age badly. I can probably do book signings or art shows since nobody cares about my new stuff and loves my old stuff and how I’ve peaked. My life is sad and constantly being overshadowed by my past self. I plan to travel back in time to kill them.

    40 years. I have forgotten about my dog unless my mind wanders in the middle of the night. My parents are definitely dead. I probably live in their house since they paid it off and it’s nice. I schedule my death in another 50 years thanks to technology. My children hate me since I made them learn Polish even though I can’t speak it. I am possibly divorced or alone. People online are making bets about when I will die. There was probably a scandal involved in my life that has led to my decline in popularity when really it actually was me. I think about getting another dog.


  6. What I see myself in 5 years is already graduating from college and getting my bachelor’s degree, already working at my favorite job for 5 years. In 10 years, I’m at a second job what is what I want to achieve in is being a video game designer, already married, have a 1 year old child and expecting to have another child and expecting to get my master’s degree from having to be in college like in forever. In 20 years, I would be a video game director at a video game industry, still married, have 3 children and paired to another video game company to start making a new game that would be “off the record” to make millions and millions of dollars. In 40 years, I would retire from being in the company for years and years on and would expect to pass the company on to one of my children to run the company for when I’m gone and would buy a house somewhere to live peacefully with the wife and forever be happy for the life I had.


  7. In five years, see myself about to end college, starting my career, living in my own apartment with my girlfriend who will hopefully be engaged to me. Most likely I would be paying off my school off.

    In 10 years, I see myself in a higher position in my career, I would most likely be starting a family, moving into a bigger home, paying off my car. This would be the just settling in stage of my life.

    In 20 years I see myself settled in, kids in school, my job would be more easy since I would be settled in, my wife would be starting her job, since the kids/kid will be in school. my car would be paid off, my mortgage will be almost paid off. We’d bring a pet to the family, most likely a dog.

    In 40 years, I would probably be ready to retire and go work at something less stressful, my wife will become head of her job. we would be making money life nothing, ballin’ like Jordan. I would take my family on HUGE vacation to any where they’d want to go. My life would be complete.


  8. what I see myself in five years is graduating from college and making something of myself, having a successful job and a nice home in another state or country because traveling is very fun to experience and try new things. In ten years, I planned to be helping people and making lots of money and being a doctor of some kind. By twenty years, ill be supporting a family of my own and living in a spacious house like mansion and driving a sports car, being able to treat my family well with money and being able to share it. By 40 years, I wanted to be living at resort place with my family while iam retired from my career and still be very wealthy.


  9. I see, within five years working and studying and with my license. I look at the next 10 years with a much better job that I have now. and in 20 years I see myself and in my own home. and in 40 years, I see myself as being honest old and perhaps returned to Mexico.


  10. I see myself in 5 years still in school studying trying to get where I want to be. School is important to get a head in life, People want degreases not knees. I will have worked long enough at my part time job to afford my own place to stay. I wouldn’t want to live with my mom forever.

    In 10 years I see myself Starting my job and life. I will finished school and working hard to provide for my future family and cats. My cats will be my main focus in life, making sure they have all what they need in life.

    In 20 years I see that I have been successful in my career choice, making my family and loved ones proud of me. I will have my own house with a yard and a man cave for the Things that I love to collect. By this time I should be married and have five kids.

    In 40 years I will be retired living in Seattle, we will become Seahawk fans. My kids will be off, and I will have no worries. I will spend most of my days playing golf, even though I don’t like it. I am pretty sure that was retired people do to past the time


  11. Where I see myself in 5 years maybe graduate in nursing or maybe in a program about nursing.
    And in 10 year I see myself maybe working, but I not sure in what kind of job. 20 years I see myself traveling with my family.
    Maybe in 40 years I see myself with a big house, with my family, and maybe married and with 2 children, but I’m not sure I get married, but maybe I see myself more traveling, happy and old.


  12. There are a numerous of things that one wants to accomplish and time just keeps flying. Most people will either make their dreams come true or not at all in particular periods of their life. One will be a doctor in 10 years, and will be retired in 20 years. One will not be able to achieve his dream of becoming an engineer and decide to be an accountant instead. As time flies by, things get changed and it is believed that the older one gets, the faster the time flies. I have a numbers of goals to complete in the future. For instance, getting a degree in computer science, become an software engineer…..etcetera.

    Generally, people have their own goals and dreams but not all the dreams come true for some. Some will live their dream, and some will not. Some will not be able to achieve their dreams due to unforeseeable future difficulties.

    Firstly, I can see myself land a baccalaureate degree in compsci in 4 years and continue to pursue master degree. I will be getting master degree in compsci in 6 years. In addition, I may as well be getting PhD in 8 years. Next, after 10 years I totally believe I will be offered a job in tech firm and with above average salary. For instance, it could be a programmer, an computer system engineer. Then, I will be a promotion bound worker in the next 25 years. As I believe my work ethic will be a major bonus for me. By that time I will be around 38. Last but not least, I can totally see myself retire in 40 years’ time. I cannot see myself go any further. I have always been thinking of retiring earlier than expected and carry on living the retired life. For examples, go to a soccer match, attend computer shows exhibition.

    All in all, these are my life goals. People are different when it comes to life plans and one can argue that not all people are going to live the same life. Either be able to achieve the dreams or not. One will have to live his life to see.


  13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Well! I don’t have a big thought about that yet, having to think about the next 5 years kind of leaves me in a mind circle.

    In 10 years! I haven’t thought about that either so please let me have some time and I’ll have the answerer later.

    In 20 years! I had 20 years of big drams. Dreams that last to damn long in this time, if I had anymore longer I would of ran out time.

    In 40 years! I was hoping to be this big time entertainer that had big dreams about my future. And saw myself running of time.

    What do you want to accomplish and why? I want to accomplish getting this damn degree and for doing so I don’t want to lose my mind yet.


  14. Where do I see myself in 5 years plus? Hmm, that’s a hard one to say. I usually go with the flow in life and take it as it comes but within a span of ten years, I see myself becoming a chef somewhere in Spain or Italy or even here in the states. I would definitely like to have opened up my own restaurant and incorporate my own takes on dishes and be exotic with it to have people try certain dishes in different ways that does not seem fit to eye. There’s a ton I would like to accomplish in that time frame such as; having my own restaurant, and traveling to different states/ countries to try different food and alcohol. Now I should explain why I want to accomplish this? Well, it’s hard to tell you, it’s mostly for personal gain and just the experience of surrounding myself by different cultures and the ethnic food from each place, which will also help me gain new abilities in the dishes to create bizarre dishes. Maybe another thing I could possibly see myself doing in the next 5-10 years is practicing Buddhism somewhere in Asia with monks, which even sounds like a “w-t-f” but it would be a grand experience physically, spiritually and mentally. One other thing I’d like to do with my culinary pursuit would be to infuse CBD or THC into foods/drinks for medical purposes and of course recreational purposes. I think it would be a fun way to play with food. OH! And also use chemistry to create different plates with plentiful things that make the taste buds dance. I am everywhere with this one, I also want to be working on cars for race purposes or for just daily use. I don’t know what else to say but it sounds like I have a lot on my plate to complete with my life while I’m still young. I’m up for any challenge life has in store for me.


  15. In 5 years…
    I would see myself finishing a four year college with a Bachelor degree completed. Therefor, I will be starting to enroll to Medical School, which I’m not sure which one to go for of yet, but I will be very exited, because enrolling to a Medical school would be a very huge step in my life. Managing to enter Medicine would be something I have to accomplish because It’s something I’ve been planning to do ever since. Other then completing a dream, I would be progressing in building up my future; Working on something I love to do, thus, getting paid for it.
    In 10 years…
    Starting to find a job as a plastic surgeon, because In that moment, I would like to start earning money for what I love to do, not just finish University and let time pass by without doing anything like many people have done. That’s just dreadful.
    In 20 years…
    At this point of my life I would start to build up my own life, and have my own Family.
    Just like any other Family, I would have my own house, my wife, etc.


  16. Where I see myself in the next 5,10, or even 40 years is pretty difficult because no one actually knows what they are going to be the future. In the next coming years of years I hope to see myself graduating from University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne. I plan on majoring in somewhere in the medical field but I am not entirely sure yet at the moment.
    In about 10 years I want to head into grad school coming back to Chicago and graduating from UIC here in the city where I grew up in. Plan on having a job at this time with a home around the city area in a nice neighborhood. Come closer to the people I have lost touch with from the people from high school and college and reminisce and tell stories on what has happen in there lives.
    As for the long run in 50 years I am hoping on having a nice family with a couple of kids and grandchildren and when the summers come by we would go to a lake house for the time. But, this is all speculation no one can predict there future but only hope what will go with your plan.


  17. In 5 year I see my self having my nursing degree and working at Rush hospital in the ER. I also see my self having my very first apartment. Having the 2017 Chevrolet Malibu and looking for a junked 1969 mustang to work on. I could probably see my self either looking or in a committed relationship.
    In 10 years I see my self looking for my first house. I also see my self being either in school or out with my md for being a nurse practitioner. Still working at rush hospital maybe in a different depart. I will have most of the mustang finished with a red cherry coat with black lining.
    In 20 years if im still alive and haven’t been hit by a car or some vehicle saving money to retire.
    Either married or pretty close to it. The mustang is finished and have sold my other car. Im probably still working at rush still if not another hospital. Either moving to Seattle or already in Seattle.
    In 40 years I will be retired and have a house and a vacation home in Wisconsin. I will have gone to see the world cup maybe 2 times. Have 2 go karts and another classic car. I will be married happily and also have two kids and they will be on there way to being admitted in to college or on there way to starting college.


  18. In 5 years i plan to be in a 4 year university on the football team and have my bachelor degree in business. I want to become one of the greatest football players in the university i attend and be able to make people be amazed of my performance on the field. The reason i want to be a great athlete because all my life people told me i will never make it in football college.To become a great athlete i must work hard in the gym every second and overcome any pain or sickness that occur through my training. I want to be able to own my own business is because i wouldn’t have to answer to no one. To get my bachelor degree in business i must stay focus and ignore any distractions that tries to take me of my course.

    10 years from now i plan on playing in the NFL and have my business open. For me to play in the NFL i must be a all-star in College and catch the attention of recruiters. I want to be able to say that after all my hard work and dedication, I finally made it in the professional league. If i want to have my business up and running i must have a good profitable idea which for me would be a soul food restaurant on the north side of Chicago.The reason why i want my own restaurant is because in the part of city i come from have no African-american or soul food restaurant.

    When 20 years pass, I want to be a All-star in the NFL and have my Restaurant world wide like McDonald. I want to become a All-star in the NFL because that would make me a legend and i would be remember through out football history. To achieve this goal i must give every game all i got. I want to make my restaurant world wide because then i would be a millionaire and be able to do good in the world. also i would be not only a blessing to my family but my country as well. To make this happen i must make sure i make good investments in the right places and right time.

    40 years from now I would be retired in the NFL and put in the Hall of fame. My Business would be a successful company and past on through my family later on. To make this possible i must make every game i play be wrote in the books. If i want to have a successful business i must not make any mistakes in stocking, investment and who i hire for each restaurant in the area.

    To make all of this come to past in the future i must work hard and keep all of these in the front of my head. Also i must not get side tracked for the slightest second, in doing so it would delay this whole dream.


  19. In five years, I see myself progressing towards my Master’s Degree in Psychology. I will have an internship related to my discipline and if not, I expect to find myself applying for one. I will be moving towards my Ph.D. I would like a variety of positions to be available to me when I graduate because there is no single objective in my academic pursuit. In other words, I do not want to focus on just matter in the field of Psychology. Some of the motivations and desires that I have are applicable to different subfields within Psychology. I look to forward to having completed my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign because they offer one of the most rigorous Psych programs in the US and I am a person who conquers challenges.

    In ten years, I look forward to starting my career, competing to show my skills on the job market, and finish earning my Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology. I will really know where I want to be from there and will continue my journey forward. Traveling, learning, and teaching are part of where I hope to be at the age of thirty.

    Especially 15 years from now, my goal is to have a rewarding career. This would consist of changing the workforce history of focusing on employees shortcomings and have employers emphasize skills more. I also want to write papers in regard to the DSM and help put away some of the controversial disorders that have risen. One of my other priorities is to promote awareness as to how parents should discipline and not punish their children and the reasons why.

    20 years from now, I look forward to having a top position in my career and helping to inspire others with reaching their goals. I also will study criminal behavior and push for appropriate diagnoses and treatment for these individuals. To further explain this, I need authorities to understand a little more how these people may have biological problems with their brains or that their behavior may be caused by rough disorders they have. Raising awareness is one of my top priorities.

    I will leave it here because I have to get back to tutoring.


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