Daily Blog Post, Day 19

Write a short story that begins with the line, “When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch” and ends with the line “It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.”


23 thoughts on “Daily Blog Post, Day 19

  1. When I stepped out the house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw and a passport on my front page. I didn’t end well. It was good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  2. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch and I am like OMG what the hell, how did that get there. But here’s the thing I don’t get why are they dancing cause I thought they could not dance , its so weird, the banana id dancing with the Chainsaw while the passport is taking pictures of them dancing. I am like may I help you take pictures passport cause its what I love to do. He said and quote ” I love to have fun take pictures cause it never hurts to have help” I am so happy that I said “and ends with the line “It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers”.


  3. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch and their I am wondering why does this not make any since to me, asking the question to myself “what happen last night”. I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs so what was I sugar high last night from all the ice cream I ate . I went to my friend down the street his family owned a dairy farm and he always plays the weirdest jokes on me, but this one made no sense too me. I asked him what did he mean by what he put on my porch, he said that he was walking down the street with a chainsaw so that he could cut down some trees made of money so he could give it to the poorest person in the neighborhood…. ME!! Since his family grows bananas on his farm too he always has a bag full of bananas so he said I could have one. Out of no where his sister came running down the road and told him that he forgot his passport for his trip with me to China. All I could think about was being in the city and coming back to the south was not that great of an idea but It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  4. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. I took those items to my car, got in the car, left my house while eating my banana. I went to Home depot and show them this chainsaw that i had in my front porch and sold it to them for a good price. All i have left is my passport. And i was thinking, ” Where should I go to somewhere fun and peaceful to relax at”. It give me the idea that i wanted to go to Hawaii. And It was so good that never went back among the dairy farmers.


  5. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch and I just said what the heck happened last night. But then I thought it was my eagle giving me a sign. I was low on potassium so that’s why it left me the banana it knew my health problems. That’s a real bond right there.

    I’m not too sure why it left me a chainsaw but hey whatever. But as soon as I said that bammm, some ninjas came after me with their katanas. So I whipped out the chainsaw ready for action and out for blood. I slashed my way through the ninjas to get to my Bugatti so I can drive to the airport and fly to Antarctica.

    I didn’t have my passport for 4 years so I got lucky the eagle had it. But after I interrogated the ninjas that’s how I found out they were from Antarctica. The eagle was set to meet me there so we can cash some checks and break some necks. But then my plane crashed in Oklahoma, It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  6. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch and ends with the line , It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers. I took the banana and ate it while thinking of a plan to use my chainsaw and passport. I made a decision to take a private jet to my designated area where I was needed to terminate my target. I flew over the waters of Galapagos México and landed on a remote island. I gathered my equipment and used my locator to find Juarez. My secret disguise was a farmer to throw off the whole assassination attempt. I climbed through a secret passage way underground and I came across many jewels from all over the world. I completed my mission and flee from the island with many precious jewels and traveled to the Bahamas.


  7. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. I took the chain saw and sold it on amazon, for $30,000. Then I decided to take trip to Argentina using the passport that has picture of me. So I called my friend Bob, so he could drop me off at the airport. I then take my luggage out of his cars trunk, and thanked him for the ride. Then after waiting in check inline which is also the airport security line, I walked to my designated section for the flight to Argentina. On the flight to Argentina, I ate the banana. After eleven hours, the plane finally arrived to Argentina. From the airport in Argentina, I took a cab to the country side which I was staying in a farm, with a girl named Iris. Who I have learned to get to know and talked to online for couple years. Also we originally met in Mexico a couple of times. It was nice to see her again, once I have arrived at her farm, and It was nice to meet her cousin named Mia. It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  8. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. I knew instantly that I had to save the president of the beanie baby company. I called my friend Tommy and told him “Bro, it is time.” He knew what I meant because he took his banana out from under his bed and took off. We had to make our way to Oak Brook, Illinois, but before that we had to take a drip to Peru to meet with someone of importance.

    We found ourselves almost on top of mount Everest, cutting through snow chunks with the chainsaw. “Are we ever going to make it out alive?” said Tommy with a worried look on his face.

    I couldn’t tell him yes or no because I had no idea. a few days go by we make it to the top after having to fight through snow and the freezing cold. At the top there was a helicopter waiting with a guy holding a sign. The sign read we have been waiting for you Shawn.

    Many years has pasted by traveling from one country to the next on this helicopter. We finally made it to the TY headquarters with one mission a head. BOOM! the door comes crashing down, hundreds of men came out shooting. It was a trap, acting quickly I turned on my chainsaw and fused it with my banana. I had no choice but to kill all the men shooting at us.
    Tommy was shot, he looked scared and asked me if he was going to make it. I had no choice but to tell him yes even though we both knew it was the end of the road for him.

    I ran through the Headquarters knocking out everyone who tried to stop me. There was a man trying to destroy all the beanie babies and the president of the company.

    “Put those beanie babies down!” I yelled
    “Never!” screamed the man

    After a long bloody battle, I had won saving the day and everyone future beanie baby purchases. The world is now safe for another day, I now had to go back home and wait until the world needs me again. Back at home I just kept thinking to myself “wow, It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.”


  9. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. I threw out the banana and chainsaw, and I realized how tired I was of the city life, so I booked a flight back to my parent’s farm….it was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  10. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. I know it sounds weird, but in my line of work it’s nothing new. You see I’m a detective, and a damn good one at that. Now I know you’re thinking “what does that have to do with those seemingly unrelated items on your door step,” and I know this sounds weird, but the answer is my boss. He’s a bit eccentric and has a bit of a thing for theatrics, so much so that I’ve never actually met him in person. Normally I bring all the clues my boss has left inside my humble house and examine them for things like finger prints and things of that nature, however this time I knew right away who it was. You see I grew up on a dangerous banana and dairy farm. The reason for the danger was because it was one of the only jobs ex-cons could get after getting out of jail. After reminiscing a while on my front steps I grabbed the clues I went inside and packed my bags. This time my destination was Peru. When I arrived I was greeted by my parents old boss, he had aged a little, but still seemed healthy. He told me that someone had been stealing banana trees and no one had seen anyone. The plantation was very large so it makes sense that a man could go out cut down a tree and leave without anyone noticing. When I went out to examine the crime scene there was something strange about it. Someone had stolen the trees after they had cut them down, not so much as a banana was left. After looking at the scenes I returned to the boss and asked if anyone had opened a new farm recently. He looked at me and said “Yeah they’ve really been killing my business.” I asked the location and went to investigate. When I arrived I saw my suspicions where confirmed. My father walked up to me and attempted to hug me, but I shrugged it off. I then told him he was under arrest. He looked at me stunned for a second, smiled, and then said “so you found me out, I never thought it would be my own son that would send me to the clink.” I sighed and then replied “are you going to go quietly.” His lips curled and he said, “just because it’s you I’ll go quietly.” I then turned around to get something out of my bag. Unbeknownst to me my father had a knife in his back pocket. He grabbed it and lunged at me cutting my arm deeply. Luckily I had also anticipated this, after all my father had always been a huge liar. I grabbed the gun out of my bag and fired a shot into his leg. My father immediately hit the ground and blood started to pool by his leg wound. I slumped to the ground, let out a sigh, and said “I’m getting to old for this.” A couple days passed as a recovered in my hotel room. I thought about my job, my father and the dairy farmers. I decided that before I left I would pay the old farm one more visit. When I arrived the boss came out, shook my hand, and thanked me. He said “I was to smart for this kind of work and that I should come back for a little while at least until I got my head straight.” I guess he could tell I was still a little out of sorts after what happened. I shook his hand again and took him up on his offer. It was so good to be back among the da9iry farmers.


  11. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. I knew these were part of my mission, but a banana? Why do I need a banana? Am I going to be depleted of my potassium count? Eh oh well, it must be a snack for my mission. I went to the airport and began to take my flight to Cuba, it was hard to take a chainsaw on the plane but thank Gaia the agency had me covered. Once I had gotten to Cuba, I had found my objective and began to pursue it with this random chainsaw at hand, little did I know I was surrounded by banana trees and then it came to me. I had just eaten a fallen comrade of the banana mafia!! “Oh this is great” I thought to myself, “I am about to be attacked by the banana pack!!”. “time to eat”. I began to take on the bunch of bananas, it became too much, the chainsaw choked up from all the banana peels. I knew I was screwed at this point.. they started slicing me as I was brought down to the ground and then I jumped. I was literally dreaming the whole time, it felt so real I thought. I was relieved and I said to myself; “It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.”


  12. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. I was puzzled with these random items on my front porch. It was a perfectly good banana too what a shame, oh well. The chainsaw was weird too who just leaves things like this lying around. It had the name “leather face” I don’t know I don’t recall the name? Who cares, at least I can trim my hedges now. The passport I picked I was all wrinkled and torn up with leather that has been really faded. I opened it and it happened to be my own. But everything was ripped up except for my picture that was written on it, it said “You’re next.’ Next for what? I didn’t think anything of it though.

    I went along my day watching my fields and taking care of my animals. As soon as night came along everything started to feel really weird, it got quiet, like real quiet. I felt my heart starting to race as I came closer to my bedroom, as if someone was waiting for me in my bed. I opened it slowly I saw a shadow a tall one. It was just standing there I was so scared I yelled and he ran to me and it went blank.

    I with my eyes shut tightly with me in the fetal position I woke up? I started laughing so hard. It was all just a nightmare nothing more than just a dream ha-ha. I got up to see my cats and dogs downstairs they wanted to eat their breakfast so they waited by their bowls. I looked outside the window and I saw my neighbors and thought to myself after that nightmare. It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  13. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. It has seem to have come from a annoyances person from Arkansas. In the passport it said that i would need this chainsaw for any obstacles that come my way. I was very confused and asked myself ” Do i have to kill some one”. The banana i received showed the racism going on in Arkansas and how they need me for the black panther movement. I was only 16 at the time but back in those days when you were 16 you were an adult. i took the flight to Arkansas and when i arrived it was 2 brothers in all black waiting for me. It felt like i was in Vietnam because it was so much killing between the panthers and the police department. The war was over after the FBI interfered and crashed the whole movement down with drugs in the black communities. The drugs spread throughout the united states and seem had back fired at the government. I took a flight back home to Georgia. It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  14. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch
    “what the heck is this?” I thought as I stepped out into the light.
    “wanna play a game?” said a man in a mask with a switchblade in his right hand.
    “Depends on what kind of game it is.” I said as I dropped my bag on the floor and accepted the challenge.
    I figured I had time today, I didn’t have much going on.
    The man folded up the blade and placed it in his left pocket.
    “I’m glad you’re willing to accept the challenge.” He said, “Pick an item and we’ll begin.”
    I grabbed the passport, and found myself in the dessert.
    “Where the heck am I?” I asked.
    “You tell me.” said a voice.
    “That’s easy, we’re in the Sahara desert.” I replied.
    I suddenly heard maniacal laughter, “You’re wrong!”
    The remaining two objects appeared under a palm tried, slightly buried by the sand.
    “Pick the next object to escape.” He said.
    So I picked the chainsaw.
    “Why did you pick that one?” He asked.
    “Because, I’m inside a globe,” I said as I revved up the chainsaw, and walked to the edge of the desert.
    “But that’s not fair.” said the man’s voice.
    The desert then disappeared as I fell into a green forest, the chain saw out of my hands.
    “Wasting a chainsaw on a globe is the stupidest thing you could ever do.” He said as he pulled out the switchblade.
    I picked up the banana as I said, “This entire challenge is stupid, it’s not even a challenge.”
    As he approached me, I squirted the banana on the man.
    He raised his hands in question, as I pointed up a bunch of hungry rabid monkeys.
    The man swore as the monkeys swarmed him.
    The scenery began to change almost to the point where the images were blurred and I was unable to see nothing but white flashing lights.
    “Take me home this is lame!” I shouted.
    When he managed to rid himself of the monkeys, he said “You fool you’ve been able to go home for the past half an hour.”
    He then dug through his pockets for the blade only to realize that the monkeys must have pick pocketed him.
    He snapped his fingers.
    And I was home.
    Not the home that I had been on earlier.
    But home.
    Sweet, sweet, home.
    The cows mooed as the scent of corn and cud wafted into my nose.
    I smiled, as the man disappeared, defeated at his own useless game.
    It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  15. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch and this was interested because I will don’t have any idea of what is happened, the passport make me happy because, this give me an idea of travelling, but the chainsaw, this scary me because I think that the chainsaw try to cut the passport and the banana,. I try to help the banana and the passport because if the passport is cut the plan to travel is done, but when I see the chainsaw speaking with the passport and banana, and they show me that a friendship between a banana, chainsaw and passport will be good so, It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  16. When I stepped out of my house, I saw Mr. Sunday movie AKA James the guy with the
    goat head and he call me a dickhead. And next to him is his friend Nick Mason eating a
    sandwich and drinking a Coca-Cola. And James say to Mason drinking is GOING TO
    KILL YOU! you dickhead. And then Mason say grab that gem and then they left.


  17. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. Eric stood there on the steps with his stupid grin on his face, proudly displaying his kleptomania.

    “When I said I needed props for my movie, I had an actual list. I didn’t need a bunch of random things.” I said, closing my eyes in hopes that all of these things would vanish from my porch.

    “Well, you told me you were making a movie so I took the best elements from films to include in your movie for all the film geeks in the audience to get.”

    I let out my exasperated sigh that I save for Eric. Why did I tell him I was going to be doing this? What are the neighbors thinking as they seem me talking to this lunatic? Something was telling me that I was going to be brought up at the next neighborhood watch meeting.

    “Okay. Tell me how a banana, a chainsaw and a passport are going to help me make my first and probably worst film ever.” I ordered.

    “WELL…” Eric drawled. Reasons I hate Eric #107: His constant use of ‘Well’.

    “The banana is supposed to represent A Clockwork Orange, but I couldn’t find an orange so I stuck with the banana since they’re basically in the same color group. The chainsaw is an Evil Dead reference or a Texas Chainsaw Massacre reference or an American Psycho reference, however you look at it. The passport is mine since I need to renew my driver’s license.”

    I took in a deep breath. I really didn’t have time to question Eric’s logic when I had my shift at Dairy Queen in a half hour.

    “Eric, I’m going to go since I actually work. When I get back, all this stuff better be off my porch or I’ll be calling your therapist again, Okay?”

    Eric looked scared at the prospect and didn’t verbally protest as I walked past him.

    The bus was late as usual and made me late along with it. I couldn’t find a seat on there so I had to stand holding a railing in full Dairy Queen garb.

    My mind wandered as it always does on the bus since you don’t want to remind yourself how uncomfortable a crowded late bus feels. A part of my mind was thinking about how I should apologize to Eric for that outburst since we’ve been friends since high school and I might actually lose him. But the other parts beat that one up for even suggesting that since Eric is completely dependent on me for normal human interaction.

    I shoved my way to get out of the rear exit at my stop. I glanced at my phone’s time. 4:41. I groaned to myself as I walked into the inventible lecture.

    I entered in the Queen with the same expression of defeat. Perhaps my manager wouldn’t see the fear in getting called out again for being late.

    “JOEL!” I flinched. My barrier was broken.

    I tried to adjust myself as Marty approached me. By the looks of things, he wasn’t too happy to see me late or in general.


    I snorted from the side of my face. Danny’s sister was 12, he just wanted to get to Riot Fest to see Modest Mouse on time.


    I had a hard time picturing my younger brother giving birth but I pretended to look a little remorseful.

    “Yes sir. Can I go now?”

    Marty seemed to have run out of things to yell at me but still retained that anger. Perhaps I’d do something this shift that he can rage about at greater length. He silently dismissed me with the end of his rant.

    I stepped behind the counter. Judith was working with me this shift. Judith was 55, had 3 kids and wouldn’t stop talking about her grandkids. She was a bit stout and about a half foot shorter than me. I was hoping I could slip in without awaking her biological clock’s alarm to talk about her motherhood. But alas Judith noticed me as soon as I got to the register.

    “Hiiii Joel! You’ll never guess what happened to my youngest Henry!”
    I took in the silence in her pause for my inquiry. I knew it would be my last before I could leave.

    “What happened Judith?” I halfheartedly said.

    “He’s getting married! The nice girl he was seeing at the DMV finally accepted his proposal and they’re going to be wed next year! Isn’t that wonderful?”

    I nodded with the most of my interest, which was none. Henry wasn’t much of a looker and I didn’t think that anyone who was working at the DMV was a supermodel.

    “Oh, maybe you can use your camera to record the ceremony Joel! You’re always filming things. It would be like having family do it but more professional!” Judith said as her eyes lit up at the dream wedding she was vicariously living through.

    I felt Kubrick, Godard, and Hitchcock look down upon me. Was I really going to sink this low to money, let alone to film something?

    “I’ll think about it.”

    Judith smiled with glee as if she was reliving her own wedding. She returned to cleaning the Plexiglass in the ice cream display while hearing the wedding march in her own head.

    It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  18. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. I thought to my self where had i been the night before. The question popped im my head of what had i done that i need a passport and a chainsaw. I kinda figured that the banana was for food incase i was hungry. The first thing that i had done was gone to back of my house cause there was a trail of burnt up grass followed by a smushed up path of grass that wasn’t quiet gone but it was on its way to being there. I went and followed it to the end and found that it ended at the enterance of a barn. I had a feeling that the barn would be the beginning of something that went on for several hours but was not only going to involve multiple people but also a cow and a monkey.
    I opened the barn doors and as I opened them I felt a blast of what I thought was air but when I smelled it was the dust of cutting wood. I didn’t understand why it had this smell till I realized that what I smelled was the wood that I assumed I had cut with the chainsaw. I had created something and I had no idea what it was. I looked around the piece to see the entire thing and when I did that I saw that there was a note on the piece. The note had stated that this was for the person who gave you the chainsaw and that they had taken my car. At first I was thinking who could have given me the chainsaw but then focused more on the fact that my car had been taken. I couldn’t believe it my mustang had been taken and I just let someone take it in exchange for this old chainsaw and I was so pissed. I went to the garage to see if what I was reading was a joke and to my surprise it wasn’t. I felt so stupid and still couldn’t get over the fact that I had done this but on the floor was a note that said for me to go next door and get the monkey and follow it. I couldn’t believe it there actually was a monkey I wasn’t expecting this and I had to go and get the monkey I wanted my mustang. I started walking and then realized something the next house that was by me was about 5 miles away I couldn’t believe that I had walked so far to leave a monkey there. I thought about and kept walking because I wanted my mustang back. I walked and walked and finally I had arrived at my destination. The weird thing about it was that there wasn’t anything there except for a cabin and I was sorta scared to go into it and I was starting to walk back when I heard my name. I turned around an saw a man with a monkey walking towards me. I asked him to explain a bit and all he said was that he didn’t know anything except for the fact that we had trained the monkey and that we messed with a barn the night before and that we had messed with multiple animals. I asked him why and he said that he didn’t know all he knew was it was my friends idea and he just went along with it cause he had nothing else to do.
    Sorry im getting off track here, So anyways I took the monkey and followed him. I started walking and to my surprise it started walking back towards my house. I had started to get angry and then the monkey started to take me into the path with the trees and I wanted to get to where we were going already. I felt like we walked for hours and yet all we had actually walked was for 20 minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore I started running and I fell on my face. I had landed in front of my car…. I couldn’t understand how my car had been brought all the way over here and I noticed the path that was behind it there were no marks on the car but I was glad and mad that I had found my car but the fact that it was all the way out here. It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  19. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch, so I threw the banana that was well rape already to the neighbors window, I don’t like them, they’re mean. And I kept the chainsaw (because it was still in good conditions) I really didn’t care whose was it, I needed a chainsaw so I approached. After looking inside the passport, I noticed that the owner of the said document was very close to be looking like me. I was amazed.
    Deep within my thoughts, I started to think that he was my twin, of my blood, literally. So I planned to give my lost brother a visit, I was feeling awkward and nervous at the moment but I would just push away the feelings and go asap to see this individual.
    When I arrived to the address the passport indicated, I knocked brutally the door. I wanted to know if that twin was genuine.
    No one would answer the door, I got frustrated so I started to make circles on the house, and figure out who the hell was that guy.
    After a moment I decided to give a more thorough look at the passport, and I figured out that the actual person on the picture of the owner was actually me, picture that was glued perfectly to that little fitting square aside of the owners information. “The hell?” My mind yelled at me minute after minute. So I concluded that this person was actually trying to look like me but, how did he get my picture from years ago?
    Full of mystery and questions, I left to my house. When I returned, I searched the chainsaw, but I did not find it where I left it…
    I just got tired and sat on my wooden fence admiring the sunset, it was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


  20. when you step out of my house I met a banana, almost flat luckily I did not, then I went to the garage to get my car because I had to go to the store and found a chainsaw. I was scared !!! after a few minutes I decided to stay calm and with a mailbox so that postmen do get her passport to the true owner.


  21. Write a short story that begins with the line, “When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch” and ends with the line “It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.”

    Introduction: Line

    Opening Sentences: My story is about an line, a line that has to find it’s way back to the dairy farmers. The line will have to find it’s way back to the dairy famers place. At the end the of it’s journal will end up at a dairy farmers.

    Body: The journal will began with the line looking for another line, but the line don’t know that this mission its on is by it’s self. While the line is going about it’s way it see a banana on it’s line. So does the line brings it or does the line leaves it there. The line will have to go thought something it don’t want to do to get back home. While the line is on it’s way it will see things that it never saw before that will be scare.
    support: The line is on it’s journal it see a banana.
    support: The line see a chainsaw.
    support: Then line the see a passport on a front porch.

    Point #2
    support: While the line is on it’s journal it’s thing about should it bring the banana along.
    support: Wend the line see the chainsaw it see division, the line is really thing about bring it with him.
    support: The line see the passport on the front porch it’s thing should line take it or bring it to the journal.

    Point #3
    support: While the line is thing about bring the passport with him it can take him off course or keep him in line?
    support: So the line keeps the chainsaw just in case the passport throw him off.
    support: If the passport throw the line off that’s when it will use the chainsaw to cut the passport way, because passport is line path to getting to the dairy farmers.

    Conclusion: The store is about the line and how it would get to the dairy farmers. Line will show it’s way back to the dairy famers buy eating the banana for strength because it will need to use the chainsaw later. Because the line is really thing about bring it with him. The line has strength now so line brings the chainsaw with him. At the end of the line journal the line thinks about using the passport to get to the dairy famers places and when the line gets their, the line the has the chainsaw on it’s line, and the passport to give back to the dairy farmers because lie line found the passport on the porch.


  22. When I stepped out of my house, I saw a banana, a chainsaw, and a passport on my front porch. I wanted to sit down and just think about who put this here, but I knew it was a sign. I have to leave America and go back home. I packed all my belongings and booked my ticket to go back to Honduras. Bananas are grown in Honduras, the chainsaw was used to cut the trees and the passport…the passport is the icing to the cake. I arrived to my country with people waiting for me in open arms. My parents have been really successful with their little produce store. Oh man, It was so good to be back among the dairy farmers.


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