Should We Pursue Happiness?

Read the following article “Don’t Make Personal Growth a Utilitarian Goal.

Respond to it using the same method we spoke about yesterday.  I expect you to be able to put forward at least two paragraphs in one hour.

(Don’t worry; we won’t be able to do this all day.)


14 thoughts on “Should We Pursue Happiness?

  1. Ultarian Artcile is about how happines is indicated on what we say on social media, or the internet and this measures how much negative and positive emotions we have, so they can control our feelings. Will Davies says: “Happiness indicators are increasingly used as a basis to transform or discipline idiviuals.”
    Most people would disagree with this statement because more then half the things on facebook, or social media is based of the heat of emotions based of those few seconds they have that emotion, therefore we shouldnt be controlled by other. In conlusion people should not let others control you into being happy or not based off things on media/internet.

    Most people agree with this article because everyone has different things that make them happy and there own deffinition of happiness. Plus my sister and the rest of the family think yellow makes you angrier and others think the color makes you happy but to other people it makes them angry/disgusted. Some people say that happiness can’t be measured in the artcile: “No Unbiased Way to Measure Happiness,” by Barbara
    Ehrenreich. This is true since some people might just use happiness to get away from depression, stress, or somethings they dont enjoy. Example of this is Robin Williams, no one knew he had really bad depression, since he acted so happy, people said that he didnt want to make to others depressed by telling them he had depression. Goes back to happiness cant be determind by a ruler/scale. In conculsion people think happiness is a distraction from duppression, and other negative emotions, so therefore happiness can’t live without other emotions and other emotions cant live without happiness, theyre there to make you and others smile.
    The article: “Pursue Of Happiness,” the article says people who have happiness randomly throughout there day and people who are happy are healthier, get jobs, have more creativity. Within Agreeing with this article, I believe if a person manuiplates another person, or the person who lets there emotions get control, those people will end up getting horrible consquenses. In Conclusion people who let themseleves get manipulated, or the people who manipulate will end up with the karma and others who at least have some happiness, even if the happiness is random will end up with a more positive life.
    In Conclusion people should not allow there government, society, or others to control; them being happy or not. People may say others deserve to be happy all the time and the answer to that is how are you going to learn from other emotions if there is only one? We learn from what makes us happy, but we also learn from other emotions as well.


  2. As the science advances and the arise numbers of scientists alongside the skyrocketed numbers of science projects. There have been all kinds of studies on various topics. Happiness is among many other subjects that are being heavily touched and there are talks about happiness indicators are being used to measure individuals’ happiness. According to the article, people are being monitored through all kind of methods ranging from wearable technology to the use of social media with many purposes in mind. William Davies claims “Happiness indicators are increasingly used as a basis to transform or discipline individuals.”

    To start with, Davies claims “Happiness has become something that can be observed and tracked using various methods including the use of social media.” As much as it is agreed that happiness can be measured. It is a rather complicated subject and hard to measure even given enough resources and a fair amount of times, and there is no evidence suggesting that all the measurements are accurate. Regarding his statement “It is disquieting that the businesses and experts driving the quantification of happiness claim to have our best interests at heart, often concealing their own agendas in the process.” Davies seems to worry about the hidden happiness strategies in the process in businesses and other fields. For instance, workers being monitored via wearable technology as well as the use of CCTV cameras to study facial expressions in Dubai and also the idea to experiment Facebook users’ emotions by tweaking the news feeds. As baleful as it sounds, it might turns out to be a good thing. Wearable technology as mentioned in the article are able to monitor physical signs of stress and activity toward the goal of increasing productivity and it will greatly help the company to accurately understand the employee thus promotes to a better working environment, hence the increase of productivity. Nevertheless, one can agree that recording facial expressions in public places is erroneous and the idea to control user’s emotions by tweaking more than a billion of user’s news feeds may not work at all.

    There are fears that this emerging trend will go further when technology start to focusing on more and more human’s thoughts and physicals. However, I firmly believe that the accuracy of the study may not result in any forms of success for this to work and the idea to increase productivity in work places using this strategy sounds convincing and should be encouraged. From my perspective, happiness is a complex artifact that may not be easily studied nor altered.


    1. When you look at the second paragraph, notice that certain words, phrases, and sentences are taken directly from the passage itself. Make sure to ALWAYS separate a quotation by using quotation marks.


  3. Davie’s claim that “…today there is a great deal of emphasis on how happiness can shape global economies, or — on a smaller scale — successful business practice. ” seems accurate but not entirely based in today’s ideas. The idea of happiness can be traced easily to the politics of the past with Fascist Germany’s promises to eradicate all of the problems that plagued the badly ran democracy. With the belief of the people for getting happiness, people worked harder and stronger to bring their country ahead to nearly take all of Europe. The idea of the search for happiness can be traced in America itself in it’s makeshift promise of “The American Dream”. America is built on the idea of happiness and prosperity in it’s existence and it has been a driving force for immigration to the United States since the 1800s. America has been using this to drive it’s industry, population and economics by being the country of ‘happiness’.

    But this article isn’t about politician’s abuse of it, it’s about “…the businesses and experts driving the quantification of happiness claim to have our best interests at heart, often concealing their own agendas in the process” according to Davies. Davies references the trend of specialized ads and the new technology capable of monitoring of people’s tones and facial expressions which is very reminiscent of Brave New World. But while this all seems very scary, there simply isn’t technology advanced enough for all instances. We consider our phones and computers to be rather unreliable sometimes, so how could a machine who can tell how one is feeling or automatic ads that know what a consumer wants accurately work? The only scary thing is believing this is true and letting this technology be implemented. We’ve already allowed basic technology to monitor us in the streets and let our governments look at our text messages and our nudes, but the step to stopping more monitoring is prevention. In terms of learning how to control happiness, We shouldn’t fear the advancement to figuring out how the brain works. We should learn to use it for ourselves. After all, the basis of capitalism is consumer demand. Can you really demand anything out of someone who’s already happy?


  4. This passage is like 1984 and they are trying to control every one and make us slaves to take over the world with emotions and kill any one who trys to stop us.


  5. we should pursue happiness because I believe it helps us to motivate our self to strive for bigger goals in life and opportunities. Everybody should always find the positive side of life even though its life threatening. The word happiness what that means to me is looking at life and taking it on and never looking back. Happiness should be a pill or a food to take because there’s a whole lot of people that need happiness in their life to be grateful what they have and not feel regretful about it. I happened to have a few friends like that they believe they need other unesscary things in life to be okay and want to live life. what is true happiness and being happy about is friends and family, and having a roof over your head and being able to have freedom.


  6. Don’t Make Personal Growth a Utilitarian Goal is talking about are feeling and how are emotions are life in everyday and where ever we go we all have are own emotions and how people effect us.”Neuroscientists, for example, claim to be able to locate specific emotions, such as happiness or disappointment, in particular areas of the brain”. that saying that are emotions stream into are brain cells and going back to are body and how we look with are arms and face like our arms cross and our face having frowns, being happy, being sad, everything is a different effect how we are. ” All of this simply escalates the sense of responsibility each of us feels for our own feelings, and with it, the sense of failure when things go badly”.


  7. Pursuing happiness is an important goal that individuals tend to accomplish within their lives. Most importantly, it consists of the foundation of liberty and is the fundamental of human rights. Davies states “Happiness indicators are increasingly used as a basis to transform or discipline individuals”. Everyone should have the right to declare and express their feelings, they should not be criticized based upon their feelings, and they should be equivalent to others within in society.
    Human beings are created within uniqueness, as we get older our mental development expands and allows for us to sense and feeling different emotions which helps us express ourselves. Every day is a brand new day and it all depends within our mind and situation of how we feel. There should not be any reason why we should be criticized and judged because of our feelings. We are all human beings and should not be expected to feel the same way as everyone else. Our emotions are the definition of who we are.


  8. In the article named “Don’t Make Personal Growth a Utilitarian Goal”, Davies briefly announces that Administrators of a business company use Happiness Indicators in order to transform the behavior of their worker society. The author immediately addresses the following in his article: “New ways of detecting emotions are hitting the market all the time: One company, Beyond Verbal, aims to calculate moods conveyed in a phone conversation, potentially without the knowledge of at least one of the participants. And Facebook demonstrated last summer that it could influence our emotions through tweaking our news feeds — opening the door to ever-more targeted manipulation in advertising and influence.” Managers of such Business company must not be manipulating the society in order to have a successful business practice because triggering this said action, the society would loose their entire privacy and freedom.


  9. In this world today it is impossible to make everybody happy and build a peaceful society. If people try to make everyone happy in this world you would break your neck. Men can not bring people happiness no matter what they do. Happiness comes from what a person goes through in life and what day they are currently having. A person could tell how another person is having a good day by their actions and body language. Happiness “has become something that can be monitored and measured, including by our behavior, use of social media and bodily indicators such as pulse rate and facial expressions”. If we were to ever be able to make one another happy in the world we live in today, we must show kindness and love to one another as the old saying goes treat people how you would want to be treated.

    People have ignored other peoples emotions for centuries, but now people try to find out a way to make people have happiness in their life which is impossible. When people try to help another person when they see the person is down. It can back fire on you by making that person day even worse than before or make your own day bad causing you to lose your own happiness. being unhappy could even effect ones work life because ” In the workplace, happy workers are viewed as a “win-win.” Work becomes more pleasant, and employees, more productive”. In this cause a unhappy worker are viewed as a lose-lose and work becomes repulsive making the worker less productive. So make sure that you mind your business and make sure your own day remains happy.

    When we go outside and look at people their whole mood and emotions could be shown through their face expressions, body language and behavior. if you would go to a person with a mean mug or frown on their face you would say that, that person is having a bad day then to see a person with a smile on their face you would say they are having a good day. Their fore that person is showing their emotion through their face expression. This also goes with the way a person body motions are and the actions of a person. If a person is walking fast and aggressively would show that person is frustrated instead of a person who is walking calmly and slow would show that person is peaceful.” Neurosciences, for example, claim to be able to locate specific emotions, such as happiness or disappointment,” this shows that even scientist could tell the way of people happiness or unhappiness through studying a person. Be careful how you show your emotions or you will always show your personality through the way you act.
    Keep in mind that you must always hide your emotion because the slights way you behave wither its your body language or face expression will give a way if you are happy or not.


    Psychology and neuroscientists have in mind that the feeling and emotions are very important in live, because that is the only way to see how our feeling can impact. Happiness have different meaning for all because, we have different ideas of what is happiness.
    The technology can make a impact in our live, “Facebook demonstrated last summer that it could influence our emotions through tweaking our news feeds — opening the door to ever-more targeted manipulation in advertising and influence.”
    Facebook and the technology have things in common, the technology can helps us to measure the feelings and maybe help us to control our emotions


  11. The article Don’t Make Personal Growth a Utilitarian Goal written by William Davies, In my opinion It is wrong to use technology to invade their country’s privacy. If some one would to monitor every action and movement I would feel uncomfortable, and an invasion of an individuals privacy. “We are no longer just dealing with “happiness” in a philosophical or romantic sense — it has become something that can be monitored and measured, including by our behavior, use of social media and bodily indicators such as pulse rate and facial expressions”. This quote taken from the passage explains what studies they will conduct. I feel that trying to persuade some one to give up their privacy and allow them to invade it entirely.


  12. Yes! Don’t make personal growth a utilitarian goal. Why? When you make things that not about business it can muse up things in your life. You can’t make personal growth be a part of life if you don’t know your encomiast’s life style. We have been looking into the future to long and forgot to stay focus on psychology, positive and otherwise. How can we make happiness shape the global economies? I think at this time this is when we give our emphasis on how to develop a better utilitarian. Today there is a great deal of successful business practices that need to stay in ton with the psychology. “Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.” By that being said, that’s how successful business practice will grow if they keep to those positive ways.

    We are no longer just dealing with “happiness” in a philosophical way or romantic sense it has become something that can be discipline. Small business practices can monitor and measure the employer down time more. Which will include by our behavior, use of social media like cellphone and other gadget bodily indicators such as pulse rate and facial expressions. Indicators believes that happiness can work in the business world much more in a very day home. Increasingly the more we use happiness the more our world is a better place to live global. And the used of happiness is a basis to transform and a discipline for other individuals.

    At an educator level growth is more sophisticated and technology become more intimate with our thoughts and bodies, a clear trend is emerging. Where happiness indicators were once used as a basis to reform society. True, challenging the obsession with money that G.D.P. measurement entrenches, they are increasingly used as a basis to transform or discipline individuals. Happiness becomes a personal project that each of us must now work on. Like going to the gym since the 1970s, depression has come to be viewed as a cognitive or neurological defect in the individual and never a consequence of circumstances. All of this simply escalates the sense of responsibility each of us feels for our own feelings and with it the sense of failure when things go badly.


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