A Sample Response

Below is a sample response to yesterday’s prompt.

Tynes claims that instead of screen time we should be worried about, we should be worried about the bullies on the internet and that it causes psychological damage.  Tynes accurately expresses though that “The harms that can come to children who use technology excessively — including depression, behavioral problems and poor academic performance — are not just caused by too much screen time”. The internet can be some children’s whole lives and the issue should be addressed with parenting not so much as restriction. A concerned parent should be the one who worries about their kid, not their computer time. While there’s the issue of the technology gap between families, parental support and listening can go a long way in helping children and adolescents deal with online issues.

I can agree with Tynes’ statement that “It is the nature of the interactions that take place through the screen that count”. As much as the internet seems like a huge part of people’s lives, there is a difference between interacting to your friends online and in real life. The internet is open and anonymous and people are willing to use it to express their opinions and emotions more than in real life, even at the expense of another person’s feelings. So while there is concern about stopping it, harassment just like in real life isn’t going away. The best way to deal with it is education and learning what information to publish online.


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