Daily Blog Post, Day 20 (Thursday, July 22)

A Twiction is a short story that is no more than 140 characters long.  Write as many as you can before 2 pm.


18 thoughts on “Daily Blog Post, Day 20 (Thursday, July 22)

  1. Manchester United is rumored to be interested in signing back Christiano Ronaldo, a former United winger who left for Madrid in 2009, the versatile forward is reported to cost United around £50. Ronaldo 30, having spent 6 years at Madrid , is considering back to Manchester United where he has always been referring as ‘home’.


  2. I went to mexico for the first time and say a big coyote. My heart totally drop and i ran for my life. I hide in the cabinet to only see a big men with a red beard coming toward me with a ax. At this point i thought i was about to a victim of a homicide. Turns out he was a nice guy and he kept the coyotes as pets.


  3. I was walking around my house and I saw some guy staring at the floor for a good 5 mins and he started to bark like a dog. I don’t get it.


  4. I was hanging around near Wright college, and I registered to this awesome program called Level Up. I invite you to this path to success!


  5. Did you guys hear about the new Space Jam movie? I thought that the main actor should have been Kobe since his the closest thing to MJ


  6. 1Oh my god, my mom made green beans. So I yelled at her and she started to cry. I didn’t feel bad at first, but after a while I felt bad and said I was sorry.

    2One time a ate a bad pizza. My stomach started to hurt and I ended up on the toilet all night long.

    3Dragons are real! One attacked me , but I killed it with a energy blast. Then I devoured it


  7. There was this hero named Dead pool had learned every type of fighting style of the years simce he was nine years old. He came across a demon that challenge him since the demon new deadpool had a healing factor. This demons name was Spawn. Spawn got one second to look at Deadpool and all of a sudeen Spawn ended up with thirty bullet wounds to the chest and his head chopped off.


  8. I’m an animal waiting for someone to take me home. My new family are the Smith’s.
    The girl was dying for a puppy! Finally, the parents gave in. But, the shelter didn’t have the puppy they wanted, so they just picked me and hoped for the best.
    I am starting to love my new home. We’re a family according to mommy. I do everything you can imagine a family would do with their new puppy.
    I don’t feel like I’m me anymore, so I looked in a mirror. I don’t look like a Puppy. I realized I’m not who they think I am. I am being lied to or I am lying to them. I’M A CAT.
    I know, I know, you guys think I’m going crazy. But no, I’m not.
    But my name is Puppy.
    A cat named Puppy.


  9. I was jogging in the park one day and I met someone who tried giving advice to become a good wealthy person in my next future so I completely ignore him and kept on jogging then later afternoon when I was tying my shoe laces then a lucky lottery ticket flies by me then goes running to catch it and when I came out of city hall I won $100,000,000,000 so it became my best luckiest day ever in my life.


  10. “Do you think, in the end, we were right?” “That’s for them to decide.” She nodded as we opened the doors to our execution.

    “I don’t get why you’re so scared of this trick mirror. Aren’t you supposed to see some figure behind you?” “It’s a regular mirror, Tom.”

    It couldn’t get any worse I thought as the giant sword sliced through me whole. I could be dead.

    Growing up, my least favorite chore was feeding the livestock. They always kept screaming and begging to go home.

    What a rude person I thought. She could’ve had the courtesy to have pointed out where she disemboweled my cat.


  11. The morning started as sluggishly as any other Monday. He awoke in a cramped apartment, in an even smaller bed. As is eyes pulled open, a small groan spilled from his mouth. Batting away his pestering cat, he sat upright on his bed. “I hate waking up this early.”

    He lifted his face out of his hands. Sitting infront of a computer screen for eights hours a day doesn’t have an upside, and he exhausted all his options that would make this fun and entertaining. He spun in his chair, seeing all four walls of his cubicle.

    Lunch, at times it felt like he would go to work, to work towards taking his lunch. Entering payroll was actually less exciting than its name implied. He sat between a group of his coworkers, but he actually sat alone. listening to them complain about work, each other, and their boss.


  12. A Twiction is a short story that is no more than 140 characters long. Write as many as you can before 2 pm.

    Introduction: Twiction

    MT @mariothomas: He cut her hair, leapt out of the tower & neck runs to the train
    and see a blond head girl. Stop he said, didn’t I see you in the cutting chair. Why? I was just asking. B7y the way you have nice hair. 🙂

    MT @mariothomas: Girl you look good today. What’s the name of your body oil? Why? My sister wear the same body oil. 😉 You have any more old sister? No. Just brothers. Wow!

    MT @mariothomas: I can’t want to get my hair cut.


  13. I was walking with my mother and my sister in the street of Chicago, when I see a lion and my sister begin to take picture of the lion, this happened 3 years ago, but yesterday we start thinking about the soccer game, and we think that is confused to understand the rules and all the thing that happed in the soccer games, and with the players.


  14. this happened a year ago when I was working and suddenly I was called to the office of the principal. I call the one to inform me that I had to be ready for a conference audience of parents and children, he said that only 140 people were there everything went well.


  15. I’m going to see #TheAvengers

    I tried to post, didn’t work, I asked a tutor, she tried to help… so sad but I’ll try again.


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