Is Silicon Valley Saving the World, or Just Making Money?

The following Room for Debate asks the question, “Is Silicon Valley Saving the World, or Just Making Money?

The question these articles are answering are essentially this: does technology actually improve our lives or does it just make a bunch of money for a few people?

You have 2 hours to write an essay.  Do your best.


12 thoughts on “Is Silicon Valley Saving the World, or Just Making Money?

  1. Technology doesnt imrpove our lives, it just makes money for businesses that have a few people. Some may argue technology that improves are live such as aps that shows us where the cheapest taxi, or fast-food restruant isnt improving our lives is making us lazier and making some people greedy for money. People may argue finding the easist way to taxi, or their destinaton isnt being lazy, aps improve our lives to get there. In reality it isnt, its there way to say I have use other peoples business which make the employer get more money to get to another business. So I can make money for that business buy selling stuff for them, or so I could by technolgy from that business. Either way your makeing money for a business, or a few people.
    Technology it makes a bunch of money for a few people. The Artical, Silicon Valley is About Business, Not Change says global wealth is made from people who make technnology for citizens or others to use. Example of this, “Susie Cagle says: “Lyft and Uber, multibillion dollar companies…” In conclusion people make technology such as Uber, Lyft, to make money and not to improve our lives.
    A few people in businesses that use technology in there businesses get money , or cash. It is shown in the article: Silicon Valley is About Business, this source talks about how you contribute to society is by making money for businesses. Susie Cagle says “Technology tools have tremendous amount to contribute to society, but if all its power remains locked up in a tiny, concentrated (and often rather unimaginative) industry, those social and economic changes, even when positive, will always be primarily in service to private profits for a very few.” In conclusion Technology is used by businesses just for profit/money.
    In conclusion technology is the tool that keeps on growing, when technology grows the few businesses who use technology there profit grows. Hit tech, or Technology equals money its that simple. Technology such as Uber, Lyft and other aps are way for the makers to get money in there pockets. Aps, phones, computers, make money for that businesses that have a few. The tecnology your using right now is making money for the government, restruant, phone company, and others businesses.


  2. Technology and Its Possibilities Are the Future cause every single I walk around I see people with phones and they are not looking around where there going and what there doing.i got a quote from “Madelyne Xiao,Far from settling with one-click Internet approval in the form of “Likes” — which he gets in spades — followers of Stanton’s Facebook page recently raised over a million dollars to establish a scholarship fund for graduates of the Mott Hall”.
    Many people get addicted to technology but that is not the whole story cause technology cause be use for a good reason also so the quote she said proves it cause she raise money for a school. A lot times its even between technology can be bad or good cause it’s hows you use it and what you do wit determines if it’s bad or good. example of essays says Technology has helped increase the speed of communication and decrease its cost.
    However, at the same time it has caused people to become more impersonal with each other. In earlier times the major form of communication was for people to visit each other and go to public meeting places. One of the next major advances was the telephone.
    Due to the telephone people no longer went to the public meeting places as often as they used to. As time goes on, new advances still allow people to contact and communicate with each other more easily. These advances such as faxes, cell phones and electronic mail, although seemingly making life easier, each help to decrease the earlier forms of communication. The field of medicine, like the field communication, is much the same. and coming from that it shows what i have been talking about is true cause technology can be use for good or bad and its how you use it.


  3. Technology is often stated as the window to the world. It helps to expand one’s mind to numerous advanced opportunities that are now available. Xiao states” Technology is the path towards change”. Technology allows us to take advantage of opportunities to keep in touch with loved ones, take classes, and meeting people you would never have known.
    Technology has advanced to the max to allow individuals to keep in touch with their loved ones by the help of Skype and Oovoo. There are many people out there who hardly have the chance to see and talk to their family members because of living in another state or country. With Oovoo and Skype it allows them to see and talk to their family members from the comfort of their own home. Not only does technology, allows us to connect with family members overseas and within different states, it definitely does make taking college classes easier and convenient for students. Xiao states, “Khan Academy, coursera, Udacity and other providers of online courses. They provide free learning materials to their users, and an international network of name brand universities and instructors to reach a classroom of millions.” Students have the opportunity to attend class from their own home. It is like being in the actually classroom, but the difference is that is from the comfort of their own home. They will be able to see the professor, take notes, ask questions, etc.
    Advanced technology has given us the opportunity to complete multiple tasks conveniently such as video chatting and attending class virtually. It is also giving us the opportunity to meet people around the world and easily create relationships. Multiple social media allows us to complete these tasks through Kik, Facebook, and Badoo. These apps allows people to talk to others to create friendships and sometimes it ends up turning into relationships. Xiao states, “Technology’s capacity for positive change is undeniable “. Exploring is the key to life, without it, one may not know what is on the other side. For example, with social media sites, one has to try using it in order to find other people and it may be surprising because there are a lot of people who may have similar tastes and interests as you and were not even discovered as yet.
    In conclusion, technology has improved tremendously by creating a larger range of opportunities to help improve ourselves. It also helps us to complete tasks conveniently such as video chatting with loved ones who live far away, makes college classes more easy and comfortable by being able to have a virtual class, and meeting people around the world who have similar interests and tastes as you.


  4. Technology is a money hungry business which is brain washing and making the society dumb. Technology is a a invention to get people in the world to spend their money on other corporations, businesses or companies. Technology could be used to better the world like transportation vehicles but instead “we have Twitter and Facebook, which mediate what users can see from other users and collect personal data to better tailor advertising sales”. In the world we live in today technology is more used to invest in business or to have people buy a product by a company, then helping people in life. If we were to ever put a stop to this purpose of technology we must first stop being victims and puppets of companies and business.

    It is amazing how we have all this technology to make the world and economy we live in a better place, but instead we use it to make one person profit out of it and become a billionaire.
    Technology profits of people life today more then benefiting it . Businesses now have the technology to make employees work easier and even give them a idea of running a successful business of their own ,” but instead, we have Lyft and Uber, multi billion dollar companies that neither offer benefits to their drivers, nor truly give them the opportunity to run their own independent businesses.This shows how the world today uses technology to put the big man on top while stepping on billions of little man. in order to stop this cycle people must make a successful company by not using another persons financial problem beneficial to them but yet beneficial to the customer as well.

    The use of technology today is only used to profit off people life. If you were to look at your face book page or go on your email right now. You would see some type of advertisement on it trying to get you to buy a new invention or companies product wither it’s food, clothing design or object. When technology could be used to advertise something can be useful financially wise for the customer. “We have the tools and ability to build convenient, widely accessible platforms without centralized profit motives” in that cause basically we could use technology to benefit people but the so call economy can’t do it because of financial crisis instead we could use it to profit. Be careful what you put your money because if it can’t come back ti benfit you in some type of way then it must be useless.


  5. Most people think that others are just trying to make a quick dollar. They examine those who are around them and even the wealthy people and examine their motives and actions. Some of the wealthiest people in the world make technology our use it to innovate their already successful business. After examining these rich humans everyday men and woman ask themselves “do they use technology for our, and their employees benefits, or are they just out to make money.”
    Before actually giving my answer to the question I would first like to examine what technology is and how it is being used. Technology doesn’t always necessarily deal with electricity and computers. It is anything that makes the human life easier for example fire, it made cooking meat easier and prevented diseases that were related to raw meat. However, in the article the sort of advancement they were talking about mainly dealt with applications, computers, and emails.
    The question that the article asks doesn’t have one answer, because that would generalize everyone who used these technologies in their business. Their are two main answers to these questions. The first would be that the person did use these tools to make a dollar, but it did end up benefitting people in a mostly positive way. The second would be that the person was out to help make people’s lives easier and ended up making money, and again the benefits for the people largely outweighed the negatives.
    Next I would like to talk about how the negative complaints about technology in these articles and how they are easily knocked down. “But while I believe the tech ecosystem is robust, it is very much handicapped by a lack of diversity, which prevents more innovative applications from reaching the marketplace. This phenomenon is particularly evident in tech’s inability to offer solutions to some of the most pressing social issues which plague communities of color.” (Kimberly Bryant, Technology’s Promise of Social Justice Remains Unfulfilled) This argument doesn’t make sense when you take into account racial issues have been around for thousands of years. The writer is basically pointing at technology and saying because this can’t solve my problems it isn’t that useful. I disagree completely, just because it can’t solve racial issues doesn’t mean technology can’t be used for other things where it is better suited. Technology can’t wholly fix one problem, it is up to the humans using the technology, and the ones that caused it to begin with, to solve it.
    The next argument I would like to refute is by Marina Gorbis who says “These technologies are emerging faster than our institutional capacity to adapt to them. In only six years of operation, Uber has upended the taxi industry in every city where it operates. Airbnb is more highly valued than the Hyatt and Wyndham combined! In the meantime, we are just beginning a conversation about whether Uber or Lyft drivers are employees or contractors, and more generally, how to treat a growing army of on-demand workers.” (Innovation Is Happening Faster Than We Can Adapt). Again this doesn’t hold up when you think of Darwin’s Law of Survival. Basically this law says that the weak die off and are eaten, while the strong survive and reproduce, and this improves the species. Humans are still evolving, even though it may not seem like it. This applies to learning about the new technologies in the business place. It may sound cruel, but if the old taxi drivers can’t keep up with the new more efficient Uber taxi drivers then they will mostly go out of business, or at least have to assimilate by learning the new system. If we stifle a new and improved system just because we feel sorry for the old one the human species will never improve.
    Finally I would like to talk about the positive ways technology impacts our lives. For example when Melinda Gates states, “One of the biggest problems in American education is that teachers have to teach 30 students with different learning styles at the same time. Developers at Facebook, however, have built an online system that gives teachers the information and tools they need to design individualized lessons. The result is that teachers can spend their time doing what they’re best at: inspiring kids.” (Technology Can Make a Better World, If We Want It To) This a prime example of how technology helps people at no consequence. Before this idea was implemented into the school systems teachers would have less time to help a child individually, but now she can teach them as they teach themselves. This system will make our students smarter and also make it easier for them to learn. If both these conditions are met then students will want to learn and learn more, which will also increase the strength of the human race.
    Lastly I would like to speak about what Paul Saffo has to say “We live in a time of both breathtaking technological surprise and unnerving global challenges. The result is that we are chattering away on our increasingly technologically sophisticated smart-phones, and social media platforms, about the horrors of ISIS, the uncertainties of climate change and the prospect of robots stealing our jobs. If our innovations are so powerful, why isn’t technology solving the problems we face? The answer is simple: People, not technology, meet challenges. Technology allows for options and opportunities, but it is how we choose to use those technologies — as individuals, communities and ultimately as a global society — that determines whether an innovation is a boon, or a curse.” (People, Not Technology, Advance Change). I will admit that technology is not perfect, it often leads to distractions and an increase of procrastination. When used correctly, though it can be used for great things, such as medicines and innovations that save lives. My challenge to everyone reading is to not abuse the gift of technology, use it in a positive that will benefit not only you but the entire race.
    In short technology may be used incorrectly by some and correctly by others, but the results are usually beneficial towards humans. Technology depends on how you use it if we use it right the world will benefit. Technology can not solve every problem by itself, but with the help of humans it just might be able to. Humans and technology both have a lot of growing to do, but if we keep adapting and evolving we will become stronger and destroy any obstacle we may face.


  6. Introduction: technology‘s promise of social justice remains unfulfilled
    Opening sentences: Who promise the technology to the social justice? And said that it remains unfulfilled.
    Thesis: Technology’s promised to social justice still remains unfulfilled.
    Body: The current tech marketplace sees a near constant influx of new apps and companies that offer everything from access to deluxe camping sites to complex algorithms that can help potential employees find the right company culture or fit.
    Point #1: The marketplace only see numbers and letters I didn’t believe that they make time to think about lacy of diversity. Make time about innovative applications shouldn’t be about the marketplace it should be about the way technology should move.
    Support: The marketplace should only stay on top of technology because that’s our future.
    Support: The American people should think about technology more instead of race because that is going to keep us from our future.
    Support: When the marketplace make time, after dealing with numbers and letters they should look into the innovative applications so that the issues shouldn’t plague the communities of color.

    Point #2: Well I see this potential realized often within Black Girls on Youtube by being slap a lot. Student should create apps which directly address social issues like being slap in face in their communities and in public places. “society” and police violence, teen domestic abuse, environmental sustainability and female empowerment. Well they did create an app they designed when paired with a wearable device, allows women or girls to send an alarm to key contacts or authorities if they are assaulted or abducted. In Oakland, Calif.,

    Support: In Oakland, Calif our students created apps like the Clean Love app to mobilize clean-ups of trash ridden areas in their neighborhoods.
    Support: Another apps created call Alert4Me which allows teens to capture video and send it automatically to a list of parents and key contacts during emergencies.
    Support: So this whole thing is about young women being treated the way I said before you’ll are going to stop slapping woman in the face soon. App was created in response to the jarring use of police force against a 15-year-old black girl in McKinney, Tex., earlier this summer.

    Point #3 creating these apps will save a lot of our young women in colleges, university and our street.

    Support: creating these apps will save
    Support: creating these apps will save
    Support: creating these apps will save


  7. It is no surprise that technology has always been evolving. The rapid changes and advances of technology results in countless numbers of potential ideas, projects being processed. Some projects have been a success and have greatly contributed to the society. The conveniences it provides are undeniably useful; the likes of social media, online shopping, online courses, and technology is undoubtedly becoming a core part of our daily life. While it is firmly agreed that technology has played an important role in our daily life; there are talks about technology is more about business than about improving life. Susie Cagle claims, “The greatest recent successes are not actually technological innovations, but business ones.” I strongly believe that the main purpose behind an innovation has always been business as we live in a world where money rules.

    There are a numerous of tech companies sort of owning their idea and generating incomes from them as criticizes by the writer, “We have got Uber, a mega rich company that offers no opportunity for users to independently run their own business.” It is preferred for a company caliber of Uber to have proper infrastructure and solid management to ensure the long term strategies and it seems to be working well with the current strategy; the drivers get paid and the customers get served, therefore there is no the need for the users to run the business independently as that would contrast the purpose prior to the creation of the project. Cagle says “Social media services namely Facebook, Twitter are reportedly collecting users’ data to tailor advertising sales.” As erroneous as it sounds in term of privacy, there are actually Terms of Agreement when users register for the services and the income from ads are going toward the improvement of the services other than the company revenue. In regard to global economy, critics may say that there are gap between the normal users and the services billionaire owners when it comes to wealth but without the incomes toward those tech companies there would be no improvements for their services, and the workers have to be paid as well.

    In general, multibillionaire tech companies have been heavily criticized for leaning toward the business rather than innovation.

    Truthfully, the goal of technology is tied between business and innovation. From my own perspective, in order for a tech startup for work there would have to be some sort of supports whether it be finances or ideas.


  8. Is Silicon Valley Saving the World, or Just Making Money?
    Innovation Is Happening Faster than We Can Adapt, the technology can will be good or bad in the same time, the advanced of the technology change fast and different apps are created for different companies that offer everything from access.
    The power of the technology contribute a lot in the world because now you can find something that you want faster that in the past. Now students and teens can designed a app that the society can use for things that you cannot imagined that you can do in the past.
    We live in a time where the technology goes so faster and powerful, not only apps are created also devices that now can be helpful but in the same time can affect or destroy or world.
    “These technologies are emerging faster than our institutional capacity to adapt to them.” The technology change the most fast that we think and all this can change fast in this can improve or lives but in the same time can affect our lives in different way so we need to know and be careful in what are we doing we the technology.
    the technology and will be only for business but also can will be helpful to solve and find things that are necessary or important.


  9. it is neither good nor bad, but it is powerful. We must encourage innovators to use their power in ways that improve the world.
    in American education is that teachers have to 30 students with different learning styles at the same time. developers at Facebook.
    It’s our jab to encourage invocators to use their power in ways that improve the world.


  10. Technology in the past has made wonderful advancements. From something as simple as the laser or traffic light, to Henry Ford and the Wright brothers. Since these accomplishments, the twenty-first century hasn’t seen many notable advancements if any. In Paul Saffos article he stated that, “even the most powerful innovations are merely tools we can choose to use wisely or craft into amplifiers of human folly.” And with the big house held name companies that have dominated the industry, I believe technology has gone from something that was meant to change the world, to a business model.
    Most recognizable, Apple. To the average consumer, which is where most of this companies revenue is coming from, their devices are more of a lifestyle. Something cool you can show your friends when the new Iphone comes out. Or a topic of conversation, or comparison to other similar device. Their mac books are priced in the thousands but cant do something as simple as video editing. People buy these, not for what they can do, but for what they are. Apple knows this, and pumps out the same product with a different look and feel. Influencing young twenty-somethings spend their hard earned money on a product that’ll be obsolete in less than six months.
    Madelyne Xiao, in her article speaks about a Facebook page that raised over a million dollars to establish a scholarship fund for graduates of the Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn. There are many cases like this, but these don’t make headlines like a new laptop, car, or phone would. Which is why its hard to see the positive advancements in technology, rather than having every new gimmick shoved in our face
    What these companies do, is not a bad thing. But, it leaves me to wonder what could be done if we put that time into something that could effectively change the world. These companies focus so much on what sales that they’ve lost sight of what their influence and resources could accomplish.


  11. Technology is useful, because it helps a lot of people. If a person is doing some research,
    they can type it into google and can they find it there. Technology can help us connect to other people through video-games, cell-hones and computers.

    Technology can also be distractions like being addicted to technology, silicon valley
    takes advantage of this addiction.

    Technology is always staying the same because it make money.


  12. “Technology Can Make a Better World, If We Want It To” from Melinda Gates.

    Gates discusses in her debating article that Technology Innovating Companies, in the past years, have been advancing in order to make the life of the humanity more better and easier. Gates addresses in her article that “Technology is neither good nor bad, but it is powerful. It’s up to the people who develop and use it to determine what effect it has on the world. It’s our job to encourage innovators to use their power in ways that improve the world”. Technology Innovation as is has so far transformed millions of people’s lives, making them have an easier way to progress in life for instance.

    Throughout the past years, we’ve seen how the technology has helped millions of students to complete their school tasks, such as viewing educational videos that help understand difficult topics. Gates immediately states on her article: “One of the biggest problems in American education is that teachers have to teach 30 students with different learning styles at the same time. Developers at Facebook, however, have built an online system that gives teachers the information and tools they need to design individualized lessons. The result is that teachers can spend their time doing what they’re best at: inspiring kids.” The fact that teachers have managed to determine how to approach the persisting problem while teaching a student, is a considerable step Technology has provided to the life of the teachers and thus, the progress of students while learning more efficiently.

    Progress in life has also been seen in the use of certain organic substances as actual Automobile fuel, thus, saving plenty petroleum and slightly decreasing the contamination of our atmosphere throughout the planet Earth. On the said debate Gates says: “Innovation itself isn’t limited to Northern California. In Kenya’s “Silicon Savannah,” for example, entrepreneurs started a solar power company, M-KOPA, so that Africans would no longer have to use kerosene, an expensive and dangerous alternative to electricity. M-KOPA is already providing more than 1 million Kenyans with power for less than a dollar a day—and in the process it’s creating new jobs for salespeople.” Advances in Technology have not only provided Jobs for the people in need, but it has also avoided the use of a dangerous chemical, that in the other hand, is very expensive. This impact has definitely managed to make the habitants of Kenya save a reasonable amount of money.


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