Flight vs. Invisibilty

If you could choose to have either flying or invisibility for your super power, which would it be and why?


11 thoughts on “Flight vs. Invisibilty

  1. If I could choose between being able fly or able to invisible as my super power, I would definitely choose the ability to fly. Invisible or not you will not be able to enjoy the enjoyment flying offers. As for flying, you may fly to school, fly across America just to see how big it is or fly to another region without the need to pay a premium for flight fares.


  2. It depends on the ability’s restrictions. Am I invisible as a human being or are my possessions invisible as well (aka my clothes). I don’t want to me known as the Invisible Streaker. Flight isn’t very helpful unless you have some invulnerability with it since you’re going to be shot on sight by some government planes or you’ll run into some bad weather.
    I suppose flight would be the most practical if it can used indoors. I can just do weird mime tricks with it. Plus you could combine the flying to hurt people along with yourself with your velocity. It’d be great.


  3. Flight would make me way too conspicuous. I probably wouldn’t last long, as somebody would eventually see something and say something, and I’d end up in some secret lab underground to be studied and experimented on. Invisibility? It has its downs too, but I think if I was mindful I could do a lot with it.


  4. I would prefer to have invisibility as my super power because if I do something wrong or if someone is after me I can easily disappear and I will be out of danger and I won’t have anything to worry about


  5. I would go for the flying ability, yeah. I guess it’s because when I was a kid I’ve always dreamed in becoming someone who can fly, it wouldn’t be a bad choice though now that I think of it 🙂


  6. I would choose invisibility. My reasoning for the choice of invisibility is because I get embarrassed fast and I turn really red like a tomato. I tend to hide myself with sweaters or use my book bag as like a “shield”. I don’t often feel comfortable in my own body or in certain situations. Therefore, Invisibility will be perfect for me so I can hide away and not be seen. No one would be able to see me turning red as a tomato. I am a clumsy person also so if I were to lets say fall down the stairs I would take advantage of my invisibility and make sure no one sees me falling down the stairs.


  7. I would choose invisibility as my super power because with the power of being invisible I could go to any places where I pass without them seeing me or having my permission and with the power of having everything that touches my skin will turn itself invisible with me until I will let the object g0 free then it will turn back to visible causing and I cant help the people with them seeing me just helping them out.


  8. I would choose flight because being in the air seems more exciting. There’s no limits. You’re in the air and there’s nothing around you, you could move freely.


  9. I choose to be invisible because It would be good to do many things without people bothering or not agree with me , or see who had the ideas, and I could disappear without people noticing.


  10. I choose as my super power be . invisibility wings to help people who are robbed, beaten without guilt, to help everyone who needs help without anyone seeing me and how much I’ve held them be on. clarified only help make good things.


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